Camelot a time of peace represented our country

as we desired the world to see us, a handsome 

father, beautiful mother and two wonderful children  

A loving family teaching love and kindness to all 



A great nation yet a humble nation revealing it's

greatness through this leader. His want for peace and

harmony for all people. This generation had a love 

affair with  the man JFK.


That day in Dallas brought our people to realize how

quickly life can change. A naive nation grew up and

became an adult generation never to be so trusting 



Even today after 50 years our nation has never moved

on and I doubt it ever will. The assassination is still

being discussed between people. JFK is the most popular

president in recent history with a 90% popularity. 


Today 11-22  our country holds him in deepest reverence

the day of his death.   JFK R.I.P.


heather burns

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    This poem is a tribute to



This poem is a tribute to your deceased President JFK. I find your poem informative and interesting reading. I have read he had so much on his political agenda to improve the American peoples lives and standard of living. it is a great shame he was killed.

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  JFK was the president of my generation.  The American people had a love affair with him and his family.  

To us he was the leader of the free world and would lead us correctly.  He had great respect for all people.

And the american people adored him.  He will live forever in our hearts and thoughts.  thanks for reading    Heather