By God’s Authority


By God’s Authority


While on this side of eternity, we take comfort in God’s Authority,

As challenges come into our life, we stand in the Power of Christ,

As we walk by faith, not by sight, in The Lord’s Power and Might,

As we serve God’s Eternal Son, until our work down here is done.


As we war in that darkest hour, our weapons are of Divine Power.

Relying not upon man’s intelligence, but, in God’s Righteousness,

As that warring is within our mind, our battle is of a different kind,

While we do battle upon this sod, against many opposed to God.


While in the battle God will afford, strength and might of our Lord,

When we put on The Armor of God, led by Christ’s Staff and Rod,

This as we battle a worldly view, with the Truth that is eternally true,

Taking down strongholds in a world, where wickedness is unfurled.


When we do war, in this life, we bring all thoughts captive to Christ,

As we cast off all disobedience, captive to Christ’s Righteousness,

A righteousness we must herald, to oppose darkness of this world,

As we stand upon God’s Authority, in ways men around us will see.


My friend, as we battle in this war, only God’s Authority will endure,

In a battle opposing God’s enemy, we must stand on His Authority.

For that true victory is only assured, through Jesus Christ our Lord,

This, as we wage battles in this life, in the Authority of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©11/2013 Bob Gotti)


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