Don't cry

"Don't cry...."

These words I speak, 

They travel through the room

But never seem to reach my ears. 

The movement of the blade 

Is involuntary 

The tears fall to the floor

Mixing with the blood stained carpet to create nothing but a mere memory. 

They say it's just a phase , 

But I'm terrified to say, that I've felt this way all my life

The will to die.

The desire to hurt. 

A darkness has embraced my heart. 

Squeezing and suffocating the beautiful life out 

Leaving nothing but a dark, indifferent soul. 

The music crescendos

Muffling the cry 

One night,

The blade will slip,

And this life that has been lived

Will live among the lost and broken,

Roaming the earth.

Finding happiness within the tortures of the body. 

This beautiful girl, listen to me. Don't cry! Walk away, this will get better. 

No more blood, no more tears. 

Walk away and begin anew. 

You are worth so much more. 

Someone loves you.... 

Put the blade down. 


Someone loves you....

Listen to yourself....

Don't cry, 

.... Someone 

.... Loves

.... You



Author's Notes/Comments: 

When everything gets hard, don't turn straight to the self- mutilation. Listen to yourself, and tell yourself that someone loves you and cares for you. Just take 5 minutes before you do it, and think. 

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