To Love



♡Inspired by Dovely♡



What a beautiful dream,

Every child fed,

Every child warm,

Not on dirt, but a bed,

I would trade any romance,

Away in my life,

To make a new world,

And end the little ones' strife,

I'd bring shoes for their "piggies",

And they would surely know,

That there are those who care,

If their small bodies grow,

They might be bereft,

Of a roof overhead,

But we could gather some twigs,

And maybe make them a shed,

In the end they'd be smiling,

Cause they'd surely know,

That love is in this world,

And with time, it will grow.

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To Love:



This new world of care and love and concern, sounds marvellous, I hope one day it comes true. What a good intentioned poem to write, I enjoyed reading it.