Do you remember that day...


The night was extremely dark


The sky was filled with dark clouds


And was raining heavily.


We were on the road


Where no one else was there


Apart from the two of us,


You held my hand in yours.


I could feel the warmth then..


You looked straight into my eyes


And I looked into yours too,


My heart began to race....


It thumped happily against my chest,


Then you promised me never,


To leave my hand till the end.


I could feel the beauty of love then...




Because of the promise you made


I still live......


Every single breath I take


I breathe in your name.


Here I stand on the same road,


Where you swore that you'd be with me,


Till the very end.


Tell me,when will you be back...... 




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Your poem is bright of the future expectations from you Dear CJJ

Your poem is bright of the future expectations from you Dear CJJ.May God bless you on your sweet poetic journey~From~a~very~distant~waster~of~time



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Thank you so much

Thank you for your beautiful words :)

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beautiful poem with a sad

beautiful poem with a sad end..
the way you express your feelings in words, you can make reader's eyes wet by just little more effort

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Ok next time I'll try my best to make you crySmile  

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awe... so sad. I really liked

awe... so sad. I really liked the read though. Afterall, I am on the road... ;)

Copyright © morningglory

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When will you be back:



What a sad poem, how dreadful to be forgotten and your love and devotion spurned. Probably better to find a new meaningful love. A lovely poem and a good read, also well written.




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Thank you

#Thank you...

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A Quick Trip

To the store, or to visit mom, or some other errand. The lover is impatient - I chose the return as a guarantee - not sad, just the long wait - Lady A