sick and perverted,

to children reverted,

disgusting and depraved,

further lost beyond saved,

i should be in prison for my thoughts,

i should be lobotomized, brain replaced for a robot's,

lolita, lavender lofts lovingly, laced, looped and lewd,

my eyes, penetrate her, strip her to the nude,

consensual, no, it can't be,

regardless, i care not about the twigs on her family tree,

i've raped her in my dark prison cell,

i've basked in how she makes my penis swell,

what my mind creates, should make me vomit,

better off dead, whisked away behind the hale bop comet,

i don't sleep well, i shouldn't sleep well, i think about her,

i swear she sends me signals, invisibly like an internet router,

i know she doesn't, i know i'm deranged,

should be dead, from civilization estranged,

why do i feel this way, desperation boldly stabs me,

i've fallen off, perspiration coldly grabs me,

grabs me like the hands of naughty step fathers,

grabs me like the vices in heads it bothers,

i exhale, drink vodka out of a Las Vegas flask,

think about what the fuck is wrong with me, too daunting of a task,

fortunately, no one knows exactly what flows inside of me,

unfortunately, i'm intimate with the toxicity that glows inside of me,

i'm a little tipsy so the color in space bleeds,

while my heart knows, knows exactly its bad deeds,

and this is tonight, tomorrow may be lighter,

but this is tonight, dark like the innards of a vagina squeezed tighter,

and that's that train of thought, knowingly it needs to be retrained,

and i try, i try, i try, but whats happened knowingly remained...

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