Baruch likes
Marvel's wife
he likes being


with her
likes her near
Marvel said


come over
come play chess
have a few drinks


a smoke or so
and so he has
and Marvel's wife is there


and she's got the drinks
and made up
some sandwiches


and sits nearby
watching the TV
and he sees her there


wearing the red dress
her dark hair
and when she walks


across the room
he catches sight
of her swaying ass


the tightness of the dress
where it holds
and he looks


half knowingly
so as not
to arouse Marvel's


but little
does Marvel know


that Baruch has seen her
when he was out
on his job


little did he know
his wife has brought
Baruch in


got him a drink
and relaxed him
on the white sofa


shut the mutt
in the other room
and said


how do you like your drink?
and he said


and so she got him
a cool drink
and swayed back to him 


leaning down towards him
easing down
her fine breasts


towards him
and that time
when she was


all over him
kissing his neck
coming on strong


and the sofa
where Marvel's wife
sits now


has been a place
of serious love making
but Marvel thinks only


of the next chess move
his stubby fingers
moving his piece


thinking of checkmate
not seeing Baruch's eyes
on his wife


as she sits
on the white sofa
and Baruch takes in


her knees
the legs crossing over
Marvel smoking


his cigarette
smiling as he moves
his bishop


his eyes on the board
and his wife sitting there
behind his back


on the sofa
lying back
pointing to Baruch


her lonely cleavage
and he smiling
one eye


on the board
and on his queen
and the other eye


seeking an opening
in her dress
some visual


to take home
some dream piece
to take to bed


and turn around
and around
inside his head.

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