to reign

when i consider the cost of being a king... smoke fills the air

and when the smoke fills the air i think about the cost of my words

they burn a total inside the frames of the errors i make

why do my errors turn the locket of creation in my mind

why did the creator allow me the err

the answer is simple... he wanted to hear what he did wrong.

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    What a wonderfull way to



What a wonderfull way to say "to err is human, to forgive is divine" and also another saying comes to mind "We learn from our mistakes".  To forgive ourselves the mistake we have made and to move on to be a creator and innorvator is marvellous, don't you think? I like your poem immensley human, divine and godlike as creator I think our species creativity is amazing, like your poem; what a lovely creation.

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Thank you, your comment is

Thank you, your comment is inspiring