Dark Secret

Quarter in my hand, lighter in my pocket

Leaving once again, running like a rocket

Flying on a plane, to another land

Make a new start, maybe that's the plan


Find out tomorrow, if what I heard was true

Mind games with me, what more can I do

Fallen for you deep, a love like no other

Find I can't sleep, cause I know you love another


Can't feel complete, until I know your dark secret

Let your heart beat, once you show your dark secret


High five in the air, such gentle persuasion

For you it's such fun, a mental masturbation

The sky is wide open, the roof has no bounds

The world is yours, as it turns round and round


Can't feel complete, until you know my dark secret

Let my heart beat, once I show you my dark secret


Dusty room, dirty floor

Inside my head, the closet door

Open wide and you will see

The mirror image of you is me


Point the finger, throw the rock

Point the trigger, feel the glock

But who should I point at? You or me?

The finger is ready, let's wait and see


Hypocrite, cannot lie

Feel the need I'd rather die

You to me are worth the risk

To let you in on my dark secret.

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Yes, I enjoyed, it's plain to see, your dark secret, I agree. Deep and dark, way up high, with eyes closed, enjoy the ride..

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Makes my head spin---very

Makes my head spin---very nice.

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Thank you...glad I could move

Thank you...glad I could move you :)