Your Cocaine

You said go slow

I come down behind

The demon awakes

Heart, body, and mind

Can’t dissemble hiding in the lie

But I remember you beside me

The pictures make me cry

Starving for your love

Drowning in harsh eyes

You lifted me above

Fooled by a disguise

Moonlight overthrew you

Prison gates held you back

You missed your final debut

Unaware of the attack

Your still painted on my heart

Such a feeble mind

Seeing you tears me apart

Wish I could just rewind

Your cruel devise

I drop down

Your blood like ice

Can’t handle you around

This has gotta alter

One of us has to go

Although my heart may falter

From you, I won’t take “No”

If death be it, come

Just as you no longer remain

Everyday I try to become numb

Forse myself to forget

Love that was like cocaine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did this today...yeah.. 8/30/06
i had to write something for school..and yeah...i just wrote this..uhh it kinda compares

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