Thoughts of O Anna Niemus

Thoughts of O Anna Niemus

"Is it men or women who work the

most in slaughterhouses?

Is it men or women who are

most involved in domestic battering?

Is it men or women who commit

the most rapes?

Is it men or women who

vote for the most executions?

Is it men or women who promote

war, vote for war, kill in war?

Is it men or women who as

'talk show hosts' allow no talk?

Is it men or women who

are more often pedophiles?

Is it men or women who torture

lab animals more?"

"Through the movement to protect first trimester fetuses,

gay bishops and cardinals have exerted control over the

bodies of women and have arranged behind the scenes the

fraudulent elections of those who bomb the babies of Muslims."

"Prolife means no babybombing in Iraq or elsewhere.

Prolife means not eating animals' murdered corpses called meat.

Prolife means not supporting state murder.. called execution.

Prolife means not killing insects.

Prolife means not harming any plants.

There are many human chauvinists who call themselves

prolife but are unconscious about the Divinity Dance in all


"All plucked flowers and carrots are untimely ripped. All scotched weeds or cadaver eating are abortions."

"Where were the abortion clinics? The curried little lambs,

the cooked baby calves rested temporarily in prolifers' stomachs."

"It is difficult to talk and to do yogic breathing exercises

at the same time. Kissing, talking, eating, breathing..

must drive carefully in each others' corridors."

"Every time a nonmonogamous person has sex with

a different person, his immune system is compromised

adjusting to the many diverse organisms of that person.

But these pale by comparison to the immune exhaustion

from adapting to hundreds of animals and thousands of

fishes in a lifetime of consuming their bodies."

"Tom Delay did bugs exterminate

before he did kid soldiers terminate.

Kissinger's Bremer has not been forthright

about how many died in the last fortnight."

"The rain in the Ukraine

falls mainly

not on the plains."

"Baby maggots don't have

the same PR firm

that baby colts and bunnies


"How can a human being be 2 birds at once?

This is not a reference to Robert White of Case

Western Univ. who has killed 2 monkeys with 1

knife.. making 2 headed primates, dogs, rats...

but to those who are simultaneously chickenhawks

and cuckoo birds.. inhabiting stolen White House

and Vice President's mansion nests."

"Never trusted is the sweet talk

of a henhawk."

"Only an occupied nation trusts space travel to war profiteers."

"If you miss the taste of meat.. just take out a veggie burger and whiz on it."

"30,000 baby chicks were sent through a San Diego factory farm chipper by workers too tired to continue individual strangling.

That made the chipper a chicker.. while the little drum with swirling knives into which some factories drop baby chicks is called an eviscerator.. and what is the name

for those tiny mouse sized guillotines Purina as owner of the magazine Lab Animal advertised for decapitation

of captive expendable lab animals?"

"70 pheasants shot in Rolling Rock

by Dick Cheney who's not in Iraq."

"The zen of flyfishing is that zen masters

don't fish.. the Buddha suffocates no creature."

"cause of war:

.racism .greed .warprofiteering .religious hatred .ego .ignorance

fruit of war:

.rape .poverty .blindness .paraplegia .orphans .burns

.centuries of hatred .filled cemeteries .bloated war profiteers

.refugees .homelessness .torture .tank deforestation

.landmined children .bomb castration."

"Because his side won, Winston Churchill's war criminal

acts have not adequately been examined."

"Douglas MacArthur left soldiers to die in the Bataan

death march. He rolled tanks on veterans seeking their own

benefits. He sacrificed untold numbers on the altar

of his ambition."

"Alec Issigonis (we refuse to use the plutocratic terms 'sir' or 'doctor') said a camel is a horse designed by committee. If it was God's committee

for an animal adapted to communities without water..

it was a divine consensus."

"Like a wind scattering

dandelion spores

or maple samaras

Lind the NASA shuttle

which when it exploded

sent people and thousands

of captive lab animals

over 6 states

the innocent little


Mad Cow* was decimated


drawn and quartered

and sent by porters

to 4 states' quarters."

"Martha Stewart's

fur collar

was what drew

her into jail."

"James Bond, a paid assassin of plutocratic cartels,

a womanizer, a dipsomaniac, a speed demon.."

"Oh Ronald McDonald when you smile

each of your teeth gravestones stands for

billions and billions of lives."

"Many politicians, pastors, lobbyists, and advertisers

have hoof in mouth disease, from pandering to the animal flesh


"Those militarists who try to argue that violence is a philosophy

of the Pacifist Jesus bring up the only passage in all of Jesus' gospels which is in any way violent, a passage in Luke in which Jesus tells His disciples to purchase a sword. When two have been

purchased He says they are sufficient and in effect that they

are a prop. It is one of these two swords that Peter used to

cut off the ear of one of Jesus' arresters. Jesus miraculously

replaced the ear and told Peter as recounted in Matthew to put down his sword, that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

Jesus only instructed the purchase of the sword to underline

later that it should be put down."

"Chicken soup is poisonous to the soul, carcinogenic to the

body, and a cause of virtually infinite suffering to innocent


"as she grazed on tomatoes

with her mate by the river

she minded not

that others accused the hippopotamus

of being hypergamous."

"The dj said that

when Ted Nugent (who is an

animal stalker like Bush)

got 40 stitches from a chain


less forgiving deer

were laughing

in the underbrush."

"Caligula sent the Roman legions

to the seashore to collect shells.

Bush sends the army to the rivers

to shill for BP Exxon and Shell."

"While the young ridicule the old for sitting in rocking chairs,

one reason for this is reduction of pressure on the spine and

relief of pain."

"The Methodist John Wesley

would not kill cows

named Elsie or Leslie

not buy her quartered parts in

candy from Mars Hershey or Nestle."

"There is a calf

within California

many calves drowned in Chino mud."

"we fork ourselves to death with the tines with which we

spear the muscles of innocent animals."

"Growing hundreds of millions

in a worldwide coalition

think that violence

to hunting,

football, and war

has a correlation."


the 5d animals: dead, diseased, dying, debilitated, downed...

these innocent slaughterhouse or truckcaged animals go into

pet food.. to cause cancers for dogs and cats."

"offended are

nerves olfactory

by bodies become

dead fish

old factories

the little ones are



suffer not



"It is not

for the dolphins

bona fortuna

that they are

suffocated in nets

meant for tuna."

"the animals' right not to be killed is greater than a human's right to kill."

"unlike pedophilia and serial killing

the wearing of furs and hides

especially when many are armed

with red spray paint cans

is harder and harder to hide."

"Those who eat burgers are of cows' lives the burglars."

"NASA blew caged animals over 5 states when the obsolete shuttle


The Air Force irradiated chimps at Barnes AFB

The Navy has subjected animals to sleep deprivation in San Diego

and held primates in restraining chairs for months until

their deaths in Bethesda.

Walter Reed has for at least 108 years been

abusing people and animals injecting 22 Cubans

with Yellow Fever in 1900.

Ft Detrick has slaughtered countless tens of thousands

of primates in weaponized anthrax research."

"Mice have died by the quatrillions not only in laboratories but through insecticides and being ground up or smashed by machine harvesters."

"The piggy bank is turned upside down to retrieve coins, as the

piggy appetite is turned on its head in order to uncover the

gold of joy."

"Most in a home want space, light, purity,

safety, warmth. These are qualities of all souls, whether

they are aware of God indwelling or not.

Buildings with curves and circles attract more spiritual

energy. Buildings with inner courtyards radiate more light."

"Jesus said resist not evil. Gandhi spoke of noncooperation with

evil. Each soul follows his own conscience."

"Iraqi babies bombed by billionaires

keep their appointment with death in Samarra

while fall from the trees with the slightest breeze

winged maple seedling samaras."

"Both astrologers and nonastrologers receive miracles

from God... often the astrologers are more aware of the mercy."

"The release of matter and other possessions is harder for

earth signs. They more readily see the divinity dancing

in debris, are more likely to recycle."

"In 31 to 60 years, scorpio progresses into capricorn and the

excesses of his youth give way to his reverence for tradition."

"The base of the yod of the activist was conjunct the pluto

of another. It was the latter who suffered more."

"The vacuum needed no attachments since its cleaning power

came from having no attachment."

"The whole world is uniting against

Canadian sealclubbing,

Mexican bullfighting,

Norwegian whaling,

American slaughterhouses,

German forced feeding of geese,

Australian kangaroo genocide,

New Zealand sheep mutilations,

British lab animal barbarisms,

Korean dog eating,

South african elephant slaughter,

Chinese bear farm atrocities,

Vietnamese cat eating,

Danish pig torture,

Japanese dolphin knifing,

Russian fur industry,


"There is a passage in the Bhagavad Gita which implies a certain

kind of karma we undergo in which God removes the memory

of us from our loved ones' minds. It is the design of God to

teach us certain lessons."

"Some of David's psalms

say to make a fist out of palms..

To make of a loving hand a fist

is not the path of the pacifist

To say that such words

belong in the Bible

is against God's Word

a lying libel."

"What is a racist birder? Someone who watches birds in the wild

while forking into chickens' bird carcasses at the dinner table."

"The word afterbirth for many means the

sheltering shroud ..the swaddling for the newborn

.. sloughed after his birth. For others it symbolizes

those who are prolife after birth as well as before."

"By the far bridge

many a spent cartridge

Cheney killed 81 birds that day

but in the pear tree

survived ......

the partridge."

"Foxhunting has been described by Oscar

Wilde as the 'unspeakable in full pursuit

of the inedible'. While most of the civilized world has abandoned the ancient barbarism, the wealthier parts of Virginia

engage in causing terror to foxes. The 'upper classes' are quite often the lowest classes."

"We are not Zionists but Zinnists."

"peace for all

wants Isabelle

.. Iraq Afghanistan

Palestine and Israel."

"What is leukosis? What the meat industry calls leukemia when a chicken has it. Such

cancer is passed by consumption of the chicken.


"No more toxic carcinogenic killer insecticide spraying.

Cities should spend the money instead on free spaying."

"Karma has written on George Bush's face.

It has sculpted trixoypurine uric acid lines in his brow

like music scales with no notes

It has painted his face the red of cholesterol blockage

It has constricted his right eye..

Time has sculpted Dick Cheney's face.

His lip curls with contempt for others.

His eyes evade the searchlight of truth.

We pray that God give them and all beings mercy.. as God now

removes them from an office through which they harm hundreds of millions of other beings."

"The 13th Amendment's prohibition against slavery does not

yet apply to mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles or other non

human beings. God change that now."

"It verily ticks us

that thieves in tuxes

siphon our taxes

to warmongers in Texas."

"Bucketed plants.. some drowning

in excess water, some dying of thirst, are like capitalism, some

bloated with excess, others with virtually nothing."

"The Bush regime FCC which choked on the gnats of 'unacceptable' words swallowed live elephants by ignoring the treasonable

ownership of radio networks."

"Those who let killer cats run free make the decision that

the freedom of one cat outweighs the lives of dozens of birds,

mice, rabbits. Are the humans karmically responsible then

for those lives in which creatures were terrified before death?"

"Vivisectors do not like to be bothered by barking.

since dog barks and cries of pain in hospital labs travel up ventilator shafts disturbing patients. Laryngectomies (debarking) are performed on the captive animals. What is less known are laryngectomies on cats... demeowing. These cats can at best softly squeak."

"Dogs and cats can't get out of the fur coats they're in in the

heat and they are totally dependent for a cool environment on their human companions."

"eat neither the right nor leftwing of any bird..

to remove the life and flight

of another affects ones own life and soul flight."

"Animal fat in penile arteries reduces virility

Animal fat in cerebral arteries increases senility.

Adrenalin in ingested animal blood reduces civility.

Toxins in ingested flesh increase sterility.

Uric acid in cadaverous meats reduces agility.

Excess calcium in stolen cows' milk makes bone fragility."

"The tomb of the unknown not as often

the stomachs of pig killers as the bellies of pig eaters."

"God overrides

at times the

screenplay of

Her starscript."

"Of all age groups and both genders, teenaged women

are the most likely to become vegan."

"As the children of Hamlin were lost by the rat extermination karma of the people of Hamlin and the Pied Piper, so the parents of Columbine in Colorado lost their children after their economic

developers clubbed, smashed, poisoned and trapped tens of thousands of prairie dogs. Only God knows the karma of the previous lives

of the children and why it returned."

"Michael Chertoff, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and others

had an exit strategy to extricate the soldier from Iraq: it was a coffin."

"As they bomb babies with

bunkerbuster laser guided strikes

they divert the masses with

stars and stripes,

balls and strikes."

"Do you want to develop the killskill of a hunter or soldier

or the art of love of saints?"

"After kidnappers and jail

God has made Vanunu new

God can even make

Sununu new."

"Why is foxhunting not a class issue?

There are low class hunters who have money

There are low class hunters who do not

There are no high class hunters.. only the unconscious

and the cruel."

"Many have eliminated saying or writing the words Lord or Sir, classist titles awarded

to more polluters, plutocrats, and war profiteers than artists."

"She thought she had no right to send her children off to war,

but minded not sending those of others to die."

"The only being who should have Lady in her title is the Lady Bug."

"All cows are sacred, but the politics and force of violent

regimes are not sacred cows."

"What's black and white and red all over? The

oldest response is perhaps: a newspaper. Others are

a sunburnt skunk, an embarrassed zebra or penguin. But

to view the pictures of the black eyes of whitefurred seal babies

dead or injured from clubbing by hakapik steel spikes is to answer

the Newfoundland ice after the bloodbath of seal

clubbing. Once the United States, Japan, Russia and Canada

took part in a sealclubbing treaty. Now only Canada remains

with bloody hands."

"There are false flag and other operations called suicide bombings.

All who drop bombs on people, children, animals, birds, and plants

are homicide bombers."

"His right and left brain are talking to each other more these days. The one is an atheist Marxist and the other is

a Christian socialist."

"the train rolls by the cows

grazing in the meadows

.. and they hear the moos

the frightened cries

of their fellows

captive in the cars."

"Thank You

for Your descent

Holy Spirit.. Dove

with Your transforming

Touch of Love

NOW in the heart of each

executing general and


prosecutor and gov."

"Alcohol can uncork the seal of the confessional. Bribe money

can open the files of a therapist. Journals

can be found and copied. The Coney Island laugh track plays when someone puts too much faith in the anonymity of Alcoholics Anonymous. Those who want to be sure their secrets are kept

speak only to God, and then in a whisper."

"Soldiers who revere life become conscientious objectors

or more out of the country and are army defectors."

"An AP reporter called an unmowed lawn unkempt. We call it kempt."

"Why is 'hawkish Hindu' an oxymoron? Hindu means du hin or

away from violence."

"Oxymoron: Trading pork bellies on the Chicago futures market,

for the pigs' future has been stolen."

"Vegans need no

pricegouging animal abusing Pfizer

Vegans want no domestic

battering accident causing


Vegans need no services

from corrupt Impermanente Kaiser."

"When someone is not

unified not integrated

he will like a motion

card present different

images to different people."

"God asked Joan of Arc to drive the imperialist English out

of France, Gandhi to drive them out of India,

Ben Franklin to drive them out of the US, and is sending exorcists

and boycotters to drive them out of the banking, pharmaceutical

and oil industries."

"Some have suggested that in conflict resolution each be required

to state the other's point of view to the latter's satisfaction.

Others have said that A should ask his guardian angel to contact

B's guardian angels. Still others suggest proper semantics for

communication, such as I think that, I feel that rather than

the implication that ones thoughts are fact. Conflict resolution

is an art and a science. Jesus has said to pray for foes. Krishna

has said that those without enemies are dearest to God."

"Caligula was safe only when surrounded by soldiers, He ordered them to the seashore to gather shells.

Bush who is safe only when surrounded by guards ordered troops to Iraq to

gather dollars for BP Exxon and Shell."

"Angels rush in where fools fear to tread."

"Coward literally means cow-hearted, but there is no reason

to believe cows are cowards. The word is another example

of human chauvinism. Nor are many who choose not to engage

in response to taunts... cowards."

"I realized I had been paying hit men to slaughter

cows for my table... and I stopped, but not for 6 months

in which I rationalized."

"The worst murder is

not the hot blooded killing in passion

but the cold blooded premeditated

murder of a judge with his pen."

"Shooting a person fleeing from a scene is an act of murder."

"Japanese cherry blossoms.. pink with

the diluted blood of

dolphins and whales and fishes

.. killed by the regime in Japan."

"The programmed sheep line up in queus for the slaughterhouse 'flu shots' needle cues."

"The little chicken was murdered

.. her body drawn and quartered..

one of her wings went to the mother

one of the legs to the father

one of the breasts to the grandmother

the neck to the grandfather

and the remainder to the

son and to the daughter."

"There would be more mercy for those accused of crimes

if their childhood and not adult pictures were posted."

"Critics' long adjectival hate-sired threads."

"Ignorant vivisectors slice the brains

of animals they hold in chains

.. as if consciousness like cabbage

could be consumed."

"Why kick them when they are down, adding to their burdens

with your critical judgments?"


hapless pigeons

sent by hawks

to rivers stygian."

"The cosmetics which hide cruelty

melt quickly."

"The appliers of insecticides perhaps think that the God

who made little bugs does not want them to eat."

"Gardeners are often manipulative of plants, disrespecting

their right to grow unmolested."

"It is ironic that many cultures which regard animals as unclean

and avoic having them as pets do not mind the much more intimate

relationship of ingesting the 'unclean' into their own bodies."

"Negative thoughts are a form of witchcraft, of cursing.

Like night's shards slipping away in the advent of the sun,

no curse can stand against infinite love."

"To have entities in an aura

(possession) is akin

to being a landlord

in a house with locked rooms

to which there is no access."

"The pentocracy of unelected judges appointed by unelected Pentagon pawns have killed with their pentagram pens. They have

upheld a Kansas death penalty law which states that if evidence

is equal for acquittal or conviction, the death penalty should

result. The five are torture ratifier John Roberts, 'prolife'

hypocrite, slaughterhouse invested

Sam Alito, Anthony Kennedy, Opus Dei serial killer Antonin

Scalia, and Clarence Thomas, a Monsanto judge nominated

to the Supreme Court by Purina heir Jack Danforth whose Democratic

opponent died or was murdered in a plane crash, making Missouri

the only state to have 2 Democratic Senate candidates die in

plane crashes. These five have kept the US from joining

the over 108 civilized nations of the world who have outlawed

state conducted murders. God remove them from power now."

"Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Butcher

.. how much responsibility

does Aristotle his teacher have?"

"The moneychangers of Wall St. are like all else driven out of

the temple of the body by the taskmaster time. The less

attachment to objects of this earth, the more joyful the


"The Highway of Death: evening laid a purple shroud over two hundred fifty thousand bombed corpses."

"Joe Lieberman is not a neocon but a paleocon,

the Senate conductor of a very tight vote

for an illegal war. Senators like Saddam Hussein

were lied to by Lieberman, who did not mention

April Glaspie, Bush emissary to the Iraqi leader.

She told him the US would not invade if he

chose to annex Kuwait, historically part of Iraq."

"God's brush tinges at the speed of light but one must admire

the way Diebold, ESS, Sequoia Pacific, and Triad painted the blue

states of Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Maryland, Georgia,

and Colorado red with the flick of a computer hacker's delete button."

"To the masquerade ball went a flock

of henhawks dressed as peace doves. However their talons

could be seen below their hems."

"Many shepherds have guarded the sheep from the wolves

.. not because they loved the sheep

but that they not the wolves

could murder the sheep for the flesh and the wool..

God give us now a kinder world."

"Only a democracy can spread democracy as only a flame

can ignite candles.

The occupied US is not a democracy but an oligarchy ruled

by an 18th Century anachronism, a Supreme Court

of unelected plutocrat pawns."

"Mutiny is a word for military democracy."

"Will is often a euphemism for unrestrained desire."

"Even demons are atma. They will one day have shed all which is

not love and will be totally reunited with God."

"Only control freaks mow lawns."

"Some Christians know the

Son but not the Father

Some Muslims know not

the Son but know the Father

Yet to Love the One

is to Love the Other."

"There is always a higher incidence

of fire, tornado, drought, famine,

flood and disease in areas in which

animal slavery and slaughter occur. Conversely there is always

more peace, health, joy and real security in places

in which little animal slaughter occurs."

"Israel is an illegitimate child, a breach birth. Like all illegitimate children Israel needs love and discipline."

"The captive birds no longer flew

Their cadaverous bodies giving flu

and Avian Spongiform Encephalopathy

.. Mad Chicken Mad Turkey Mad Bird

in Aviano and everywhere daily grew."

"What's ecoli? an obfuscating euphemism for colon bacteria, those

little beasties who according to John Harvey Kellogg, MD can

multiply to 4 billion within a few hours of the murder of the

cow, sheep, pig, chicken, turkey etc."

"We refuse of stones

to be the carrier

for Sharon's illegal

and cruel barrier

We echo that

'the wall must now fall'."

"When doctors struck in Los Angeles the death rate went down."

"Spiritual healers do not charge as they remove the spiritual blocks

which have manifested as physical disease. Jesus, Baba, and

other miracle workers (there are 20,000 in the UK licensed to

heal with their hands) send current into the body through

divinely empowered thought, touch, or other action."

"In India, the government respects its citizens. None need

prescriptions from the medico-narco-pharma industrial complex.

Thus they are saved many of the hundreds of thousands of

iatrogenic deaths yearly which occur in the US."

"Why are people who would be tried for murder if they

euthanized children in heavily populated countries able

to euthanize animals? Because the latter are voiceless

and powerless, and because of rampant human chauvinism."

"The secret macho military

men have their Latin

mottos, such as

Celer, Silens, Mortalis

(Swift, Silent, Deadly)

a romantization of the

assassinations of Linda Tripp's

Delta Force etc.

Another is

Aquila Non Captat Muscas

or Aquila Non Capit Muscas

The Eagle does not catch flies.

no.. he eats cadavers."

"Besides attempting to jail animal rights activists, overthrowing governments, pricegouging, marketing drugs which cause fatalities, strokes, blindness etc., suppressing natural

healing methods, attempting to outlaw liability lawsuits, and bankrupting the US Treasury, multinational pharmaceutical companies

are now attempting to force citizens to take their medications as they have already done in the military."

"With a nod to Joan Hess, all calls from the White House

are collect calls, since they are made with stolen or borrowed


"Lions sleep 3 days

after devouring

a murdered antelope

a runner has an

added burst

after eating

vinegift canteloupe


the antelope

can't elope

(Isaiah: The lion shall lie down with the lamb)."

"It is difficult to drive straight on a twisted lane,

says the Russian proverb.

It is difficult for water to flow straight in a crooked river.

It is less easy for energy to rise up a slouching spine."

"Why did the coming Republican primary make them happy?

Either the serially killing executioner attorney general or

the man who helped throw a national election to war profiteers

and professional haters would be gone...

like witnessing two warlords fight each other."

"Less than 7% of the population is Republican.

55% of US voters are unregistered. Of the remaining 45% 3/5 are independent or third party such as Green, Socialist, Libertarian.

Of the remaining 18% over 2/3 are Democrats."

"The Saint of Shirdi says 'Be content if your service is

to lift a lame lamb over a stile.' It is the hundredth lambs

mentioned by Jesus who need the most lifters, people with

great presence and endurance."

"we are all of

1 accord

Strike all our souls

the same notechord

It is only God

whom we'll call Lord

not those of butcher

stock or warlords."

"Nazi means coconut in Swahili."

"He was learning not to shut down when shut out, but to pray

for the person shutting him out."

"Libran balance is offended by advocacy."

"Jesus told Peter to put down his sword. Abba said Thou shalt

not kill. The CIA has for decades militarized the churches of the US. Many pastors are either silent and frightened sheep or wolves in sheep's clothing. God, Lord of Peace, dismantle the weapons

of violent governments and systems now."

"Did the fires of voodoo animal sacrificial agony

call forth the waters of Katrina?"

"A father in a canoe

in which his baby is seated

walks more carefully than on land."

"A 12 year old girl cries in horror as her parents and the 4H

Club take her pet pig away to be slaughtered. Television stations

advertise the products of such murder as 'meat', but virtually

never air films of the animals in transport trucks freezing

in mountain passes, being poured down hillsides in truck accidents,

being pulled off trucks with electric shocking rods, beatings,

and pulleys. They seldom show the shrieks of animals being butchered, their defecation in fright, nor their being skinned

alive occasionally at the nation's biggest conglomerate abbatoirs

euphemistically called 'packing houses'. Is it any wonder that

illegal immigrants from Central America, the most desperate of

the poor, are the only volunteers for the high turnover high

injury jobs for which unionbusters recruit them?"

"Animals killed for fur chew off their paws to get out of steel

jaw traps or have their eyes pecked out by birds of prey while

they are held captive, or they die of hunger or thirst. Muskrats

and beavers are drowned by traps stored under the water's surface.

Factory farmed minks are anally electrocuted, (so as not to

harm the coat, gassed (so as not

to harm the coat) and suffocated (so as not to harm the coat). Seals are smashed in the skull with a steel spike called

a hakapik (so as not to harm the coat). Other animals such

as dogs and cats and deer and birds are caught in traps dying

or losing limbs. Ermine (whose pelts are no longer worn by

British judges) have been caught in cold climates by humans

who grease traps so their tongues will freeze solidly to them."

"When nothing tastes good, it is for some a time to fast."

"If innocent powerless voiceless babies

are terrorized when they are bombed

by billionaire war profiteers,

are those who bomb them terrorists?

If innocent powerless voiceless

animals are terrorized when shipped

and butchered, are those who

eat them terrorists?"

"God's plan for His animal creation

did not include their barbecue cremation."

"Radio and tv give more airtime to fire which threatens the homes of humans than flames which threaten the treehomes of squirrels,

woodpeckers, chipmunks, robins, sparrows."

"Anglers are stranglers."

"Eating fishes enables Canadian seal clubbing by adding to the

demand for a toxic food which causes stomach cancer, food poisoning, arsenic, chromium, mercury and other poisonings."

"The God who fashioned phlox, created chrysanthemums,

designed delphiniums, willed wisteria, and materialized marigolds

wants no one to pluck flowers."

"Just as animals secrete adrenalin fighting for their lives

in slaughterhouses, so fish as they are being smothered

and are suffocating, secrete adrenalin in panic. This

adrenalin is a protein enzyme whose links are only partially

broken by cooking. Eating adrenalin soaked meat and fish

is the consumption of biochemical terror."

"Oh God because we are so inconstant and forgetful in our

actions, we offer to You now all the food that has ever been

is now or will ever be consumed by any being. We ask that You

accept our humble actions."

"Beneath the ivory

towers of Harvard

are the catacombs

in which a hundred

thousand mice are caged."

"Unforgiveness yokes us to our foes."

"Nondualists believe God is the only Doer and therefore

the only being we must forgive."

"God now give Emily Lyons grace to forgive Eric Rudolph. Violence could not happened to her had she not in a previous or this life sent out the boomerang.

Every time she says on a newscast that she wants the

death penalty for him she is spreading hateful thoughts in

the world.

Sometimes a killer becomes transformed.. and his

hatred jumps into his victim.. like a successful exorcism

which evicts a demon who then looks for someone of

more resonant vibration to his.

Emily is married to Rudolph... for ties of hatred are

stronger than ribbons of love"

"If God is the only Doer

than unforgiveness is anger

with the monitor, not the computer."

"Forgiveness does not imply association. It is wisdom

to avoid those who are still serially harming others."

"One can be a follower of Christ or one can support war, but

one cannot do both."

"What has more polyps than

the intestinal tract?

the gerrymandered districts

of the indicted Tom Delay."

"One need not obey the rules

if he abandons a meaningless or cruel game."

"The ancient vedas recount that the king forced

the monk Jada Bharat to carry his palanquin.

Because Jada Bharat swerved to avoid ants, toads

and other small creatures in the path, he carried

the palanquin erratically. Because of this the king gave him freedom."

"One needs no conferring of credentials by capitalist colleges."

"The Danes and Dutch and Swedes

are more tolerant of those who smoke weed."

"Bring the Statue of Liberty down off her pedestal

that she may truly stand for democracy and freedom. Elect the Supreme Court. Shut down political party ownership of 'voting machine' companies. Make the Senate 1 person 1 vote, eliminating the power of states

dominated by the slaughter industries. Decentralize the media.

Feed the hungry. Heal the sick. Decentralize and demonopolize

the air waves."

"Pruning is a synonym for stealing from plants."

"Since women find men attractive, why are we upset

when men also find men attractive?"

"The frugal remember

that fruit

orchards yield 450 to 4500

times more food poundage per acre

than the bloody slaughterhouse."

"The therapist sells listening.

The courtesan sells love.

The teacher and psychic sell knowledge.

The doctor sells real or imagined healing.

Only those of God give of themselves."

"He had a warning

heart attack in

his 30's

after a meal

of macaroni and cheese

and big mac's

and macaroons.. but God

gave him a 2nd chance."

"On the Australian

and New Zealand ships

are the living sheep

valued not for their

Spirit or shape

but that their murdered

flesh be sold in shops."

"very different is what Abba said

from the words of General Abizaid

Thou shalt not kill

are the carved words Abba said."

"A foe is

New York's Governor Pataki

of every child, animal

and tree Iraqi."

"When we hear oxymoron

we think that those

who eat oxen become morons

.. their brains occluded

by animal fat

.. cannot receive oxygen

When we hear Oxfam

we think famine..

that those who promote


create famine."

"God is the only Doer

Therefore God is the

only guilty party.

However, like demons

who abandon their human


and leave their human


to residen in prison hells

so does God allow

innocents to suffer."

"The cow was one of trillions murdered

.. the evidence disappeared.. flesh down

throats, blood and feces down drains..

but in the meantime...everyone who cut her up

or wrapped her pieces in plastic

or drove her to the slaughterhouse or electroshocked her into

the chute or drove her cadaver to warehouses

or operated lifts.. or stocked her drawn and quartered body

on the shelves or rang out the 30 pieces of silver

for her body was an accessory after the fact."

"Guns are rare on beaches. It is hard to hide them in bathing suits, as it is hard to find evil in a saint."

"Hatred can magnetize enemies to each other to the point that

they are fused together as Siamese twins."

"Mad Cows and Mad Pigs and Mad Fish say it is not 'you are what you eat' but

that we become whom we eat."

"The poor cows froze

neglected in a blizzard

They dug them up

and ate their gizzards."

"those who

serially eat cadavers

with impunity

find ecoli fat and uric acid

eat away their immunity

eat the fruit of light

to increase spirit unity

eat nonviolent food

to help the community"

"The death rate went down when doctors struck in LA

and the death rate will go down because killer vaccines are not available."

"Those who get flu shots are sheep being programmed

into poisoning themselves.. for the benefit of

multinational pharmaceutical pricegougers."

"Aquila non captat muscas.

The eagle does not catch flies.....

no... he eats cadavers."

"Some eat the hot dog corpse without the coffin bun

This saves them from styrofoam glue but not

the nitrosamine carcinogens formed when sodium nitrate

red dye combines with amino acids."

"Fruit stands abound in NYC but not

as much as the portable toilets called hot dog stands."

"When hunters shoot each other after tripping in a pool

chromosomes of the cruel are removed from the gene pool."

"Washington was a Mason, a slaveowner, an avid fox killer participating in hunts, an insider trader who profited

from the sale of land for Washington's capital. Washington sat with his feet warm in a heated house while

his soldiers' feet froze off at Valley Forge.

France and then England abolished slavery several decades before the US."

"The best landlord is one who

does not evict human beings

or squirrels and birds from

apartments or trees."

"If Cleveland Indians'

Wahoo is racist

are not also Boston Celtics?

naming a team for only part

of the city?"

"Untold numbers of horse

have broken legs on the racecourse

whipped into dangerous speed

by drugs and jockeys' force."

"As Uri Geller can bend metal with his mind, so can

any focused brain defuse nuclear weapons."

"Is anything besides the mind ever boggled?"

"What does one call

those who clog their

cerebral arteries

with oxen fat?


"As fast as my Mad Pig brain holes grow,

my coffee generated brain tumor fills them in."

"Meat or the flesh of animals has a distinctive

addictive taste of uric acid, pre urine or

trioxypurine, 3 oxypurines to every 2 of caffein..

dioxypurine. If you miss it, just take out a veggie burger

and wizz on it."

"the inebriated one

found his attempts

at statue-tory

rape painful

(bring down

statues of


"the 'tastiness' of flesh is the uric acid or pre urine

in flesh.. if one misses these trioxypurines he can take out a veggie burger

and whiz on it."

"Who is the most energetic man in the world?

George Bush

Why do you say that?

Because he's screwing everyone."

"In the mystery novel, Cheney would die not by his own hand

but by his own foot, tripping over a fence as he stalked

animals with his rifle."

"Hunter colors are scarlet..crimson..

from the shedding of innocents' blood

Green is the color of

God's trees greening.

There is no hunter green.

There is only .... hunter gangrene..."

"Hunters set traps, mimic sounds of mates in distress,

sit hidden in blinds, stalk animals in the woods,

often working in darkness as do other criminals."

"George Washington was an avid member of the foxhunting

group, described by Oscar Wilde as the unspeakable in full

pursuit of the inedible. While the United Kingdom has

banned the 'blood sport', it is still continued in


"People are not allowed to have bare feet

in restaurants in which they dine on the rear ends of pigs,

the rotting muscles of dead cows, the decomposing thighs of chickens, and the cadavers of fishes."

"What is the socalled avian flu? A disease of factory farm overcrowding, of feeding animal parts to other animals,

of mountains of chicken waste creating histoplasmosis, and in

some cases of Mad Chicken Disease or avian spongiform encephalopathy."

"We are told to

hail serially killing judges

as Your honor,

to address warmonger cardinals

as Your eminence,

and to call decadent animal abusing


Your highness. We are expected

to greet thieves of the electoral

process as Senator or Mr President."

"How is it that those who call themselves

prolife through their votes are involved in nuclear and other violence'


"Pro death penalty pastors who ignore Jesus' prevention of

an execution in progress sometimes accompany prisoners from

death row to the execution chamber, but how many are willing

to take their place?"

"They have bibles bound in leather..

words of the teacher of peace

wrapped in violence."

"Clothed in prolife garb he preserves day old saplings

while helping the bombers of ancient trees."

"The fish sensed danger

seeing the hook danglers

He also felt anger

as he spied the strangers

for he knew that anglers

are suffocaters, stranglers."

"Neocons who have

spent trillions on babybombing in

the name of fiscal conservatism

are truly misnamed."

"If God is the only Doer, the Cause of All, then to be angry

with mere human beings is to be angry with actors saying their

lines, puppets moving by the whim of the Puppeteer."

"They've cut out their tongues and

the larks can no longer sing

the birds can no longer fly

they've cut off their wings

and in their next lives

larks and birds will become

those who've cut off

larks' tongues and bird wings."

"The government of China

has become like

UK and US a pirate

of innocent kidnapped

pharmaceutically abused primates."

"What is a factory farm?

A concentration camp in which

animals enslaved in tiny cages

are made to produce milk stolen

from their babies, egg babies

stolen, or in which captive Hansel

and Gretel pigs are grown by

hitmen butchers for their consumer hirers."

"In prison lie

the pennies' pickpocketeers

while free go

billionaire purloining petroplutocrats

and babybombing war profiteers."

"Tyrean purple.. a beautiful dye associated

with the Lebanese city of Tyre .

Now Tyre is crimson.. with blood from

innocents slaughtered

by Israeli bombfire."

"Why was there more outrage about

an inebriated Dick Cheney shooting

his hunting companion accidentally

than his deliberate serial killing

of thousands of cageraised net

released birds? Human chauvinism."

"Future forensic pathologists will not kill insects in their work."

"Insecticides are a pernicious example of size chauvinism...

of the oppression of the powerless."

"A coroner sometimes puts a spleen, liver or kidney on a scale

in doing an autopsy. But at Arrow Live Poultry Market and other

poultry markets, living chickens were placed on scales to determine how many pounds of flesh their soon to be decapitated bodies


"She said

she'll shill for Shell

but I'll not shill for Shell

I'll not crush the shale

nor cloud the shoals

I'll not crush the shells."

"He decided to prostitute no more adages

for Madison Ave or Ad Age."

"The world is on fire. Are words the quenching waters of

compassion and illumination, or gasoline poured on the flames?"

"Some of those who ridicule the symbolism of Ganesha, the elephant

headed God and Hanuman, the monkey God, have no

problem with the metaphor of the Holy Spirit as Dove."

"A dollar circulated to 100 people becomes $100. A dollar

in a drawer is a dollar."

"Do all beings go

eventually to heaven?

Yes, even

Richard Perle

and Bill Gates

will some day enter

the pearly gates..

(not pearls from oysters

ripped from their cloisters)

.. and yes

also you and I."

"What would happen to the body if the lungs tried to hold onto

air, the stomach to food, the vessels to blood?

Release is the way of joy."

"When it comes time to slip from the tentacles of the body's

demands, to fly from the confining cage of flesh, we will

go joyfully through the portals, that uplifted be

the next birth in path toward the immortal."

"Mice are spineless from Frankenstein surgery but

judges are spineless from cowardice or malice or greed."

"Answer the question said the redfaced irate prosecutor.

Is a zebra black or is it white? If you do not choose either

black or white you will be jailed for contempt of court."

"Angels will destroy the Republican

Party as they destroyed

the Tories and the Whigs

and will remove the last Whig


in those British wearing

judicial wigs."

"What is the synonym for a serial killer of great detachment

and cold analysis? Appellate or Supreme Court judge."

"Kwon Yin from China

Jesus from Israel

Buddha from India

Rumi from Afghanistan

Martin Luther King from America

Leo Tolstoy from Russia


millions of anonymous women and men

live nonviolence"

"Thinning, harvesting, culling, control, scotching, plucking, management, netting, skinning, mowing, weeding:...are some of the euphemisms for the murder of animals or plants by human beings.

take out: a. a euphemism for

the murder of humans by humans.

b. sometimes used to indicate pieces of animals put in a bag

at a fast food or other eatery."

"The United States was founded

by the violent overthrow

of a violently founded throne."

"Just as NIH biologists in unethical research found that killing is learned behavior in cats, so vanguard wolf biologists have found that killing is learned behavior in wolves. The more knowledge is accumulated, the more we find that God

has designed a peaceable kingdom in which all beings live in harmony. We can each do our part to reestablish that kingdom."

"Hate crimes legislation is redundant. Violent crime

is presumed to be hateful."

"John Deere sent

Mother Earth

a Dear John letter

as he prepared

to shred more of her children."

"Overkill is an oxymoron. Any killing is too much slaughter."

"When is red a black op? Airbrushing in red on the photograph of

the nose of a populist to make him appear alcoholic."

"At the camel

auction slaughterhouse

the camel lot

the rejected creatures

see no Camelot."

"Vines greencurl around the fallen log as children

play round the statues of dead warriors."

"He had attempted to suffocate

the garden's gophers..

and he smothered, degutted, cooked

and served the old fish..

and then asked for God's

blessings on the food."

"Descartes nailed the paws of dogs to research tables..

not I think therefore I am

but I inflict pain. Therefore I am...............a monster."

"Why is food given to dogs called food and food given to cows

and pigs called feed? Because the latter are in most cases

on an eventual trip to the slaughterhouse, where they will

be murdered, drawn and quartered, skinned, and their cadavers

renamed meat and sold in little pieces."

"The path to the Mideast

is littered

with Nobel peace laureates

who have not yet achieved

what can only be achieved in

each heart."

"I have had unwise relationships, mistaking anger for intensity

and jealousy for love."

"Anyone who walks by an animal trap in the woods,

a fishing line or a lobster trap in the water and leaves

it there is complicit in a crime of cruelty."

"737 American

soldiers.. dead

in Iraq..

not a general

among them..

not a chickenhawk

among them."

"May the maple leaf no longer be the crimson splash of blood

as a hakapik nail of steel slams into the skull of a seal."

"Corporate media such as the stolen airwaves conglomerates of Rupert Murdoch's Fox, Eisner's Disney,

GE's NBC, Gates' MSNBC and the deforesting of the Sulzbergers' NY Times, the Meyers'

Washington Post are risk averse, because they are heavily

invested in the profits of war and animal slaughter."

"Herbert Hoover said 'a chicken in every pot'.

.. a wag might say 'pot for every chicken'.

Until others on their corpses no longer dine

give chickens and cows.. an anodyne."

"Some of the worst forms of male bonding include

killing people in war, killing animals in hunting, and forms of

male chauvinism such as bawdy sexual ridicule."

"There's been more press about Guinevere's infidelity than Arthur's."

"It is interesting that hunters like to cut off and save the antlers of sheep and deer, as if in stealing the male parts of

butchered mammals as trophies they are somehow

becoming more masculine themselves."

"As young women are exploited in brothels

so young and helpless cows are exploited

in beef brothels."

"They are immobile and voiceless,

and cannot ask for the mercy of water,

those trapped caged house plants.

In the winter they feel no breeze

nor are they touched by a hand which frees."

"Those who choose to support the state sanctioned murder

mentioned frequently in the Old Testament over the love, mercy

and forgiveness of Jesus.. have the

right as freethinkers to think as they please. But please do

not blaspheme by calling it Christianity."

"The illegal trials of Nuremberg in which several countries

were together involved in coldblooded planned murder by

hanging were the opposite of Abraham Lincoln's post war words:

'With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.'."

"Hitler and George W Bush never got more than 33% of the vote.

Tony Blair got only 37% as Britain became informed of his lies."

"Petitioning for miracles is the refuge of fellow scoundrels."

"Mel Karmazin is meretricious.

His Viacom is avaricious

His CBS is quite litigious

His public nudity is

planned and vicious.

His Likud Party is

vengeful, vicious.

It's time to exorcise the


which have entered Karmazin

through spirit lesions."

"As a shark chomps off a swimmer's leg without asking,

so private equity firms destroy democracy."

"George Tenet's charm

covers his arms

as a velvet sheath

covers a bloodied sword.


George Tenet head of Murder Inc. whose agency has

had Afghanis die under their interrogation

cannot be trusted not to plant WMD's in Iraq."

"When is one bird two birds? when the cardinal is a hawk..

when the chickenhawk is a cuckoo

bird inhabiting a stolen White House nest."


Not all torturers are in Abu Ghraib

or CIA 'detention centers'..

Machines of Caterpillar

harm many caterpillars..

removing Mother Earth's

jade plants

they skin her alive

noisy Nazi bulldozers

harm bees buzzing and bulls dozing

.. destroying homes of the powerless,

centenarian trees, and in so doing

create drought, famine, hotter hots

and colder freezes."

"FEMA and Red Cross Bureaucracy has committed murder.. whether

planned or through negligence... killing tens of thousands

of people and hundreds of thousands of animals in the Katrina

hurricane region."

"A Muslim Palestinian and Israeli Jew lived side by side. They

loved each other as brothers. They shared the fruit of the olives

oranges and lemons which grew on the land of both of them. One

day they found the decomposed body of a stranger by the road.

They buried his remains on their property line, which in time

became olives."

"1 million chickens and turkeys, 16,000 cows were suffocated by heat in California when their unairconditioned metal ovens

became coffins sometimes reaching 140 degrees. California factory farm owners and politicians are guilty of animal genocide."

"Joyce Kilmer's I think that I shall never see.... a poem

as lovely as a tree was published on murdered trees.

What percentage of poetry about nature is so published in

newspapers, magazines and books?"

"What's black and white and red all over?... the bloody New York

Times with its warmonger writers, promotion of fur, destruction

of woodpeckers, chipmunks, and trees as it uses dinosaur paper,

its pornographic advertising."

"While Dracula despises dawn's bright sun swords,

insomniacs plug out the bird choirs' cheery chirps."

"He prayed as King David had that God break the bones of his

enemies. God's servants answered his prayers, but later

the violence he sent out came back to him."

"Only the US military with the goading of Winston Churchill who wanted to intimidate the Russians has dropped a nuclear bomb on civilians. But all nine nuke nations have burned animals and

trees alive in testing, in Nevada, Bikini atoll and everywhere

else testing occurred."

"Outside a church kitchen for the homeless was a sign

Please don't feed the pigeons. The kitchen manager

thought God's love was circumscribed and intended only

for human beings."

"Those who favor curry are less likely to curry favor."

"Bush is a reverse alchemist

turning the gold seized by

taxing the poor

into a deficit."

"Every disaster is the wrapping of an inner gift. For example,

plutocrat created power outages remind us that unfrozen meat

is a cadaver which smells and is full of colon bacteria, worms,

and poisons."

"Common ground for Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists:

eating the corpses of murdered pigs is a form of barbarism."

"Diet can remove animal fat

from the arteries of the brain

increasing intelligence

and ending migraine."

"In a dream I asked Mark B how to avoid the pain

of an ending relationship and he replied

One falls out of the warp and woof of time and space."

"The healthy eat no jerky

from cow chick or turkey

in the sunpainted lands

of Albuquerque."

"The door to door salesman woke the man up from a nightmare

caused by his falling asleep on his arm and blocking circulation.

In ways we do not understand, all works for the good.

Even a serial killer released his victims from the cage of the

body and the prison colony of earth."

"She would not make plants

sacrificial lambs

by giving them to the


"One cannot have 2 masters, God and the state.

One must choose. To pledge allegiance is to put

the structure of a corruptible state ahead of ones conscience."

"Death penalties can be imposed by unelected judges

and by unelected Pentagon generals. In Iraq death penalties

have been caused by

.. depleted uranium 80 times the normal level.. which has generated cancer in Iraqis as well as Italian American and other troops

. compulsory vaccines from the warprofiteering

pharmaco-military industrial complex

. Lariam, ostensibly antimalarial drug made by Roche which

have killed 4 wives whose husbands had drug caused rage.

. heat rising to 137 degrees and melting soap as well as

turning metal soda pop cans on a loading dock into

chambers in which Nutra Sweet becomes more toxic

. Baghdad Boils, face lesions, blamed on sand flies... food poisoning deaths from heat on military packagedmeals

. ' friendly fire'

. lack of protective gear

. helicopter malfunctions in Chinook, Osprey

and Black Hawk helicopters

. underfunded hospital system

. those hostile to the invaders and occupiers of their own Iraq."

"Bush says he prayed about Iraq.

Unfortunately the voice he heard

was not God's but Bush Sr's."

"The radio show caller said not to

call it the Iraq War but to

call it the Bush War."

"the pundits.. the

corporate media prophets

are aligned to those

of warblood profits."

"Sharon and Bush seek to liberate Iraqis from Saddam's

nickel a gallon gasoline."

"His name was Felix Frankfurter..

an oxymoron.. for no hot dog

is happy."

"She considered herself a virgin

though many once captive now dead mammals

had slid down her throat."

"As Jesus did you are now able

on butchers and moneychangers

to turn the tables."

"Plants were like furniture to the writer, until she became

a vegetarian and began to feel their vibrations. She had

been walking around in her childhood in an anesthetic fog

from her mother's hospital's method of delivery."

"One can only make music through a broken reed said one,

while Isaiah said break not the bruised reed."

"Not a gold parachute but a diamond one went to Lee Raymond of

Exxon Mobil, 400 million worth. Exxon has made over $70,000

in profits a minute, 10 billion in a 2006 quarter, as

petroplutocrat pawns in the illegitimate White House allowed

international cartels to rape the poor and suppress transportation."

"One can advance in the

Catholic hierarchy

if one can deliver

a higher malarkey."

"The w is silent in the words two, answer, and sword. God make

W and his war profiteer bosses silent too, and powerless to

do further harm."

"Bill Frist stole cats as a med student

and took them to Boston labs for extermination

long before Bill the Eli Lilly senator sent

acne faced teens to Iraq for termination."

"Capitalism depends on the manipulation of or creation of

scarcity. Capitalist societies promote animal flesh consumption

yielding 100 to 1000 lbs. per acre rather than fruit products

which yield 400,000 to 900,000 lbs. per acre. Meat and

capitalism go together. Fruit and freedom go together."

"Justice Antonin Scalia

with Cheney in a duck blind

shooting away.. deciding cases

.. yes that justice is blind."

"Hoping to avoid humane legislation

3 farm state senators cosponsored legislation

to classify baby chick females and males

as not living beings but mail."

"Politicians of privatization have spread privation

as the people's property has been pawned at firesale prices

to purloining pickpockets, creating more poverty for the

poor and more profits for petroplutocrats and arms purveyors. God now move stolen money from the vaults and

accounts of megathieves to the homes of the poor."

"The drug company dominated World Health Organization seeks to silence the songs of birds, still the splash of fishes in waters, and poison the earth by promoting African use of DDT whose toxins were outlined in the book The Silent Spring."

"Shrieks of cageraised

netreleased birds

shot by Senator John Cornyn

foil the silent peace of the cornfields

in mornlight acorning

while the songs of

birds far from Cornyn

are in their throats aborning

and the sun keeps his

promise to return

to earth punctually each morning."

"Celibate the mouths of

Only those monks

and nuns and priests

who eat no meat."

"Despite our local 'health' department

and its insecticide trucksprayed clouds of death seeking to

kill every winged one, we saw

a firefly tonight, twinkling like a lighthouse."

"He is careful

with his copulation

thinking earth needs

no more population."

"Pornographers are 2 year old children, scrawling

their diaper waste on immaculate walls."

"Meditation turns

loneliness into loveliness."

"In the world's holiest language, Sanskrit, the word for peace

is Shanti. When shanti is repeated over and over it becomes

Shantish or Shantishwar, Divinity whose form is peace. To repeat

shanti is to summon the the God of Peace."

"O God who answers to all names... open the hearts of all beings. All of us are involved in causing human and animal suffering, whether in driving a car or purchasing non organic food or buying machine harvested grains, ignoring those who are in need, speaking

or thinking angry thoughts etc."

"God, who indwells each being forever, who answers to each of infinite names by which You are summoned, now exorcise the world and each of us of the spirits of hatred, revenge, racism, dead legalisms Open the waters of love in each of our hearts... to

quench the flames in a world onfire.. let the clouds of peace gather to rain in the desert..let shoots of the green leaves of compassion rise everywhere.. to blossom and bear fruit in different colors and notes...fragrances and frequencies."

"There is a memorial in Washington to a slaveholder pedophile

animal concentration camp operator who erased his predecessor's help for Haitian independence fighters by inviting colonial France back in. He hired people to wage a backstabbing campaign

against his opponent. 200 of his slaves were sold at auction upon his death as his many years promise was broken. The university established by him carves up animals. Its law department churns out graduates who keep Virginia in the top 10 execution states. The author

of 'all men are created equal' did not include women, the landless,

or people of color."

"Where are prisoners? a. in prisons b. in nursing homes

c. in the military d. in factory farms

e. in zoos

f. in slaughterhouses."

"Plutocrats making money on war

rely on media pawns to

help them pick your pockets

for their armaments profits."

"Freedom fighters' headquarters are called strongholds (a term

assigned to demon possession) while mercenaries of war profiteers

gather in 'military bases'."

"Whenever looters are shot and killed, property rights trump

the value of life."

"One can't get diseases

of Mad Chicken or Mad Pig

by eating tomatoes or

almonds or figs."

"Clients of psychics sometimes misinterpret knowledge of their feelings to mean agreement with their feelings."

"The Geneva Conventions in prescribing governmental murder as

punishment for certain acts are themselves guilty of war crimes."

"If I walk a tightrope I must remember to don underwear."

"As each movement of the second hand eventually moves the hour

hand, so every mantra on a Hindu japamala or Buddhist prayer wheel, every mindful prayer on a Catholic rosary, every call to

prayer in a mosque has spiritual power."

"The Pope is a Catholic emperor, not a Christian saint."

"It is said the devil

quotes scripture.

So do devil's advocates


his pawns."

"The Pentagon is purloining from Peter and Paul to pay petro, and plutocrat profiteers."

"War profiteer owned media have tried to prevent

the awakening of the American giant with sleeping pill

propaganda lies."

"Prosecutors the records winnow

seeking not war profiteer sharks

but shoplifter minnows.

Police go after not purloining plutocrats

but pickpockets

ignoring the makers of lethal and

rickety rockets."

"It is a gilding of the lily

for popes to canonize those God has made holy.

Everyone is born a saint and remains a saintly

sun no matter how thick the cloudshroud."

"What's worse than a snake oil salesman? The fish oil salesmen

who market the slop on the trawler and slaughterhouse floors

as health food."


for himself a chickenhawk

for others Tom a hawk

voting for missiles and bombs

nukes and tomahawks

Before he voted

for human termination

his specialty

was termite extermination."

"By not polling

younger cellphone users

Even Zogby and Pew

do toward Bush skew

while Gallup ABC

and Newsweek

obey ever

war profiteers cue."

"Clinton bombed Iraq and Afghanistan Serbia and the Sudan

but his paymasters sent Lewinsky because he didn't want to bomb Iran."

"Rape and divorce are an intrinsic part of

many armies whose men have been separated from

their wives and girlfriends."

"The litany of mistakes of the tongue includes

lying, inaccuracy, scandalmongering, exaggeration, criticism,

interruption, loquacity, overeating, eating other beings or their stolen products, adultery, wallowing in the senses."

"The dictionary said that the w is silent in the words two, answer,

and sword. The w, cuckoo bird in the stolen nest of the

White House, has angered the vast majority of Americans by

not being silent as he promoted the organized violence of

war profiteers."

"A preslaughter concentration

camp is called a ranch.

Seldom there is seen

a tree of cooling branch."

"Why do some lions sleep all day and much of the night?

Because they have descended into carnivorous ways."

"After many lives of wanting to be gracious to visiting friends,

Nita decided no longer to have cigarettes around for

those struggling to quit."

"Some give up tobacco cold turkey. Others give up turkey flesh cold


"They were married until Bush did them part.

For as Gaul was divided into three parts,

regime gall did in Iraq divide

her husband's body into 3 parts."

"the bee does not fly with honey on his wings

.. matter is irrelevant where the spirit rings."

"when he realized

his planets zodiacal

he stopped being


"If you're still alive when you hear the thunder, the lightning

did not strike you."

"We have heard that Superbowl Sunday is the day of most

domestic violence.. alcohol is one of several factors

while football is early programming in war for an imperial


"Football is preprogramming

in war with Superbowl Sunday

the day of most domestic

battering, demons rushing

in where alcohol has made

aura lesions.

The people

are encouraged to be

sheep on the sidelines

led by women cheerleaders

believing their only job

is to support men. Booze

and animal flesh

abound in the stands

and in the homes of

inactive spectators."

"How does Iraqi roulette differ from Russian roulette?

All the chambers are loaded. What does it teach us? Not

to play neocon designed suicide games."

"A traitor to his own species is

Mickey Mouse.. whose stock

is invested in pharmwhore

war profiteer Disney... as

he turns his back on

the captive mice aboard

NASA's shuttle, and on

the mice at Harvard, Yale

Univ of Texas, Princeton,

Yerkes, CDC, NIH etc."

"The commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill is not asterisked with

exceptions in the Bible. Nor is the commandment What God has

joined together let no man put asunder. To scotch the life

of any being is to break that law of God."

"The word pesticide is another example of human chauvinism,

as beings are defined by their perceived positive or negative

relationship to humans."

"Oh God beyond gender who indwells all hearts and as the Omnipotent

One is the author of all action, we pray for those who have used their legal skills, clubs, or sadism to promote torture. We pray

for exorcisms and removal from political and economic power for Michael Chertoff, Alan Dershowitz, Alberto Gonzalez, Dick Cheney, the CIA, the Mossad, MI6, MI5, Norman Schwarzkopf, George W Bush,

George H W Bush, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice,

Madeline Albright. As You send Your rivers of grace through

their Augean stables, heal them in all ways and always."

"Union Carbide desecrated

India with

killer insecticides

brought to Bhopal

They violated Hinduism

All bugs are sacred


Ahimsa's Gopal


(the biggest industrial accident of all time.. involved several thousand deaths killer insecticide gas killed humans.. )

Ahimsa nonviolence

Gopal.. name for Krishna as protector of cows and all beings."

"I can tell a train has been here. I see his tracks. They're not

obscured by newfallen snow."

"Bring your troubles to Me alone said God Calling. And so

he offered to God his suffering, each pang of pain, the beat

of a drum by which he called on the Lord of Love to heal his

own loved ones."

"Like the sun, truth is self luminescent.

It is reality, self evident, needing no external defense.

It is immediately recognized by resonant hearts.

It can be hidden for a short time by clouds

or by imprisoning others indoors..

but inevitably truth conquers all,

as does love.

God whose name is Truth whose name is Love is ending

the violence in the world now."

"The Likud Party is to the Jewish people as the KKK

to Christianity, as the Tamil tigers to Hinduism."

"Western 'civilization' is the worship of Socrates, executed

for pedophilia, the adulation of Rene Descartes, who nailed

dogs' bones to tables that they be unable to escape his knife,

and the aping of the animal devouring of the Neanderthal."

"What's worse than a snake oil salesman?

A fish oil salesman."

"When a regime lies over and over again,

the gold currency of its plighted word is devalued.."

"What is vimalakshmi? It is vimala, purity, wed to lakshmi, wealth.

The wealth that is blessed and not cursed is money invested

in fruit trees, not in liverwurst."

"Both the mosquito and wartime helicopter lift off with

their tanks of blood fuel. But the mosquito's load

unlike its machine copycat is within God's will."

"The Son's kingdom is not of this world, but the Father's

Kingdom, because He is ever Omnipresent, is of all worlds."

"The vast majority of abused animals are women animals because

often the male calves and chicks, for instance, are killed at birth. It is women animals who are suffocating by the millions in metal sheds of factory farms when the electricity goes off. It is women animals with blood encrusted teets from the milking machines.

It is the dairy industry which in the US is causing breast and uterine cancer with the help of the USDA, HHS and other government agencies by promoting the stolen milk meant for baby calves laced with carcinogenic hormones banned in Europe."

"Not all salads are tossed, tempest tossed. Some contain no killed plants but only tomatoes, avocado, peas,

beans, cucumbers, peppers etc."

"God cause governments to give not food stamps but fruit stamps, so that rather than subsidizing slaughterhouse agony, disease, famine,

flood, energy waste and other results of the eating of animal flesh, they subsidize orchards, vines, berry bushes, nut trees,

grape arbors, fruitbearing plants which can yield 450,000 or more

pounds per acre, as compared to the abbatoir's bloody 100 to 1000 pounds per acre."

"Ruandan, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese,

Armenian, Palestinian, African,

Indian, Jewish holocausts

There are many holocausts..

each one a priceless holy cost."

"As nonsmokers receive carcinogenic second hand smoke from smokers

so vegans receive second hand carcinogenic benzopyrene in the

air from nonvegetarians' barbecues.

As there are innocent human animal and tree victims of

arsonists, so there are innocents killed from the animal grease

fires in meat restaurants.

As there are human deaths from power outages, so there are

tens of millions of unreported deaths of animals in factory

farms as their cages become 140 degree ovens in the heat of

summer and freezers in the winter."

"Not might

but light

lit Maccabees'


through the night."

"The vow Bhishma took to kill the 5 Pandava brothers recoiled

on him and he died by the hand of Krishna. Because he was

killed by the Avatar he was liberated at the moment of death."

"John Kerry went to


for his nation's glory

He returned from war

knowing it gory."

"What is the difference between Palestinians and Americans?

Not all Americans realize they are occupied."

"One cannot lie cheat or steal at the US Naval Academy. This is considered an honor offense. But one can

harrass in cruel ways plebes (first year students).

When one graduates one can kill whales and dolphins with sonar, use dolphins as bomb carriers and mine sniffers, keep primates in restraining chairs for months at a time.. chairs in which they

sleep and defecate as their legs are slowly paralyzed and hope is replaced by despair. One can launch airborn bombs from aircraft carriers which kill civilians and soldiers and animals.

And when one graduates, he can in naval intelligence lie cheat and steal."

"The American eagle is possessed.. in need of an exorcist.

Presently it rises on the wings of technology, but has eyes

only for profits scurrying around on the ground.

(based on a parable of Ramakrishna)."

"War is war on animals too.

People animals birds trees are killed by bombs.

People animals birds are blown apart by mines of war profiteers .

Whales, dolphins, fishes, turtles, sea birds are killed in oil spills from bombing power plants.

Animals die on livetransport ships in wartorn ports after standing

in their own waste, dying of hunger and thirst.

Animals die in military weapons research labs.

Animals die in military contract 'vaccine' research.

Animals are bulldozed (killed or backs broken) in zoos such as Gaza's.

Animals are made minesniffers.. porpoises are electroshocked into

being submarine bomb carriers.

Animals are seized, slaughtered and eaten by armies."

"Because he has

helped abuse lab animals

in speaking normally

or ex cathedra

millions of Catholics

define themselves as

ex cath."

"What's in Spam?

nostrils brains?and eyes

intestinal linings and uteri?

anything swept from the slaughterhouse floor?

except the blood already out the door

Spam comes from offal

Spam smells... awful

from murdering pigs Hormel makes Spam

from butchering pigs Hormel makes ham."

"Are nearly all plutocrats cleptocrats?"

"The rich have secretive moles everywhere in a great variety of disguises,

a wide spectrum of political opinions and frequencies."

"Hatred, vengeance, unforgiveness: weapons of mass destruction."

"Churchill bombed the Berlin Zoo.

What, Winston, did a gnu

ever do

to you?"

"When Jesus said This is my body. This is my blood as He held

the bread and wine, He was not only speaking of the sacred

communion ceremony, but the sacredness of every cell of the

universe, the sacredness of every animal, bird, fish, plant.

Those for whom a sip of wine could be a strong temptation

can know that Christ in totality is in the bread."

"The shattering of the pedestal on which she was placed

gave her unprecedented liberty."

"Why do we mind henhawks more

than chickenhawks?

Why do we mind female warjocks

more than male warjocks?

Because cruelty in a woman is more rare

than cruelty in a man."

"As many Christians have ignored Paul's admonition women cover

your heads so a growing number of Muslim women are leaving

the confining head scarves."

"Some put aphorisms in fortune cookies.

Activists print words on bumper stickers

and tshirts.

Others stitch scriptural quotes on pillows.

Advertisers pay to put subliminal script

into our cerebral cortex.

Words are chiseled into gravestones

and the pedestals of generals on

the backs of enslaved horses.

Beyond words is the silence of communion

with all creation."

"In picking up her or his pen, a writer is more free

to ignore the sensitivities of the audience whereas

in speaking to someone, that person's thought grid is a brake

on expression."

"6 million kangaroos a year are sentenced to summary execution

in Australia by a kangaroo court, a government dominated

by cattle, sheep, and roo butchers."  407

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