down for the count?....

we say things we mean

then we take them back to sooth and mend

what we keep tearing apart

I've never met someone so like me

so hasty

so mean

drinking down my days

trying to fill my empty nights

SKYY is the limit

bitter lager

stale beer

wishing for a lemon

sucking up my tears

i had a friend once

i might've had more

if i hadn't closed the doors

a noose around my neck

fasten like my many ties

i keep wondering where i went

and why

bruised ego

damaged goods

i am a fool

mocking myself

mocking you

i haven't written in days

even weeks or months

it seems

unable to focus

i try and make sense of all of this

i am expected to please

and i am just really not that nice

so i guess im the bad guy

in all their eyes

but everyone needs the bad one

to point their fingers at

"that's her over there"

"blame her she's the one"

record proven

battle i have never won

but the war isn't over

no it's just begun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...i think not!

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