Wind is Like a Ghost!

Wind is like a congenial ghost,

That gets dominant the most,

As much as it does touch,

The leaves, mountains, paddy fields, humans as such.

The wind moves like the hollow man,

None sees it; none ever can,

Shows its power,

During norwester.


The wind continues to work ceaselessly,

Touching all of us so lovingly.

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Symphony Of The Elements

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Wherever rain and sun,
wind and mother earth
work in a symphony of unity
to swell a fruit with juice,
there is divine ambrosia.

-saiom shriver-

Hopefully, the juice of the
fruit is free of insecticides,
not dependent on slave labor.

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Six Feet of Silence

I buried my love in disbelief.

Self-Deluding with calm conviction,

Calling all cruel jests and falsehoods.

A shattered voice cracked my sanity in half.


I buried my love in fire.

His bones reduced to ash, carefully capped,

Handed to his mother in black.

She held the world in her arms then.


I buried my love in the earth.

Scattered to the seven winds among

Dappled green forest grass teeming with life.

Now, filled with death.


I buried my love in the ocean.

A river poured from my soul, out my door,

Salty, hot, and unceasing.

It mingled with the sea.


I buried my love in silence.

I made not a sound save the soft

Scuff of my boots in passing.

My heart froze in the bitter chill.


I buried my love in my mind.

Handling treasured memories with care,

Binding them tightly to my frozen heart.

I promised I would never forget him.


He smiled.


Fires rage.

Winds blow. 

Trees grow. 

Oceans roar. 

Hearts sing 

and all is forgiven


A Breeze of Memory

A graveyard of dead trees

Fallen leaves of vast red and orange seas

Squirrels scurry before winter strikes

As children play while others pass on bikes


harmony of the trees an the wind come together and sing

As a bird chirps then stops to clean it's wing

Children shrieking and screaming as they play

Angry armies of cars roar past, then fly away


Memories start of when I was a kid

Only broken away by time an what it did

Sitting still only in question

Of who I am and to what is my impression


I laughed . . . I played here

I was happy unknown of fear

But then reality again breaks memory's connection

Only to be lost again, still unknown of my reflection


Author's Notes/Comments: 

annnd, here you have yet another class assignment that I did way back.


Whispering Alliance

Nature / Folder 1

Weather, pressure, hot and cold,
Swirls around in the heavens until it gets old,
Tumbling down across rivers and streams,
Through mountains and valleys, canyons, ravines.
Painting the clouds with a paintbrush unseen,
Whistling and howling, of where you have been,
Of all of the elements, I've always loved you,
It's because of the unity you often imbue,
A thundertorm isn't the same when you've left,
When you're there all the poise is indeed so bereft,
But gusty, blustery, flustery wind,
When you strum up your fury,
We best not be thin-skinned.

Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love the wind I love the wind.

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Wind Trope

We talked, but there was indifference.

I ran against its eager pulses

but was felled by the dust it carried.

The candle I kept snuffed, premature,

and cried like the supposed virgin.

I was gone with it. The air hastened.

It roared and quadrupled in its strength,

but a swift and senseless change quelled all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some goofy idea.

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rain dropped


south blown breeze brings dark clouds across
green tinted city skyline..


rolling rumbles followed by silent volumes
which draw your gaze..
..into it’s mystery..
sudden craaaack announces its secrets to the world..


bright flash forks rivers of power
to crash against the earth..
air crackles with the chatter of the four winds
whispering awe..


bolt of insight reflected in your gazing eye’s hungry grasp
of the storm’s mystery..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the sweet drift of smoke from a vegans lips.. the irony of it all

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Musical Arrangement

I can taste the sound of laughter,

Like molasses on my tongue,

Like the sun is heard in chorus,

Childlike and full of fun,

When I touch the sight of scarlet,

It feels smooth against my skin,

And the smell of fresh pink hyacinth,

Hangs noodles down my chin.

A snowflake softly graces the wind,

A raindrop meets a lake,

If synesthesia ruled the world,

We might all be chocolate cake.


© 2012

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The Fallen Angel (Tornado)

Nature / Folder 1

                                                         Now and then, an angel falls from the sky,

                                                               It's wings have torn, We don't know

                                                                        Why, The bed of golden earth

                                                                               Below, With open arms

                                                                                    To cushion the blow,

                                                                                          This rumbling, a

                                                                                            familiar sound,

                                                                                                My life, once






Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tornado's rapture.

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