Passionate Soul

On a hot sunny day,

Sipping a Starbucks drink;

You have clouded my mind

With thoughts I have yet to consider.


On a cold winter night,

Warming up in front of the fireplace,

Your silhouette shines beneath the moon

Wondering how time flies so quick.


There are times when we feel lonely,

Emptiness seep through the veins.

A black canvass is all we need

To gain color in our lives.

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In My Mouth

We should be more than this.
Every time I close my eyes we kiss.
Just want your snake bitten lip, in my mouth,
with my hands moving South.
It's about time we found an end,
to this game we call pretend.
We both know this is more,
and it's time we explore.
I won't runway if you give in,
it's about time to sin.
See I've been waiting for you,
I know you love how we do.
And I got all the time in the world for this....
just to feel your snake bitten lip,
in my mouth.....
-Jay Pierce
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about one night 2 years ago that has never let me go! 


As if Mother Nature,

Were expressing her anger,

Through the intolerable hellish heat,

That for the humans is damn hard to beat!


Perhaps revenge is being taken by nature,

For all the ghastly deeds we have done to her,

 It’s nothing but an admonition,

Before the ultimate extinction.


It’s time we protected environment,

Before we in hell are sent!

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*The Sun*

Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

I bring warmth to those cold 
I bring energy to those weak 
No one believes in what they are told 
They only search for what they seek 
I help many things grow 
Without me so many would die 
I help out so much in life's flow 
I just sit here in the morning sky 
Exactly what my purpose not many know 

I brighten up lives after the rain 
I make most happy I take away pain 
I ask for nothing I have nothing to gain 
I just leave a warming stain 
And for that most are thank full 
I just ask don't stare 
You will get more then an eye full 
You will get a strong lasting glare 
So for your eyes take care 


After the rain I can help with the rainbow 
Dry up after a flood 
I put a glisten to the first fall of snow 
I dry up unwanted mud 
I'm always wanted around I've been told so 


After the showers 
That come and go 
I bring comfort to the drenched flowers 
Everything has a beautiful side that I hope they show 
Nope I don't have special powers 



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As cold as ice

As warm as the sun’s ray

So do my emotions differ day from day

Who will be today’s unsuspecting prey


His icy words are still lingering in my soul

Still making its way down to each and every bone

Scraping at the ends of my inner being

Today, my heart is frozen stiff, I simply have no feeling


Perhaps tomorrow it might be whole

Who knows, maybe, just maybe someone might warm my soul



Written by





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Hot as Hell

The weather today is just hot as hell,

The sweat’s dying to surface,

As if in an endless race,

Against nature’s ever fresh well.            


Heat can’t ever be avoided,

Unless one is literally lifeless,

A condition none has the power to suppress,

Since all the endeavours know of one end, dead.


The momentary presence of Dante’s inferno,

Reminds us again, it’s really hard to let it go.

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Active Volcano

The pressure inside

when you and I 

are together 

builds and builds 

with every glance, 

every wink, 

every smile. 
But when we touch,

the pressure becomes too much to handle

and I erupt

like a volcano.

The molten lava melting

over my heart,

my lungs,

my brain,

heating every inch of my body

in the hot magma that is you.  


Nature / Folder 1

Flowers and
showers in
April and May,
June and July
getting warmer
each day,
August, September,
kids go back
to school,
October, November,
now it's getting
too cool,
December and
January, we all
pay the price,
icy the sidewalk,
no boots will
suffice, February,
March, so glad
it's getting
warm, here
we are back
once more
chasing the



2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The beauty of cycles in nature.

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Whispering Alliance

Nature / Folder 1

Weather, pressure, hot and cold,
Swirls around in the heavens until it gets old,
Tumbling down across rivers and streams,
Through mountains and valleys, canyons, ravines.
Painting the clouds with a paintbrush unseen,
Whistling and howling, of where you have been,
Of all of the elements, I've always loved you,
It's because of the unity you often imbue,
A thundertorm isn't the same when you've left,
When you're there all the poise is indeed so bereft,
But gusty, blustery, flustery wind,
When you strum up your fury,
We best not be thin-skinned.

Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love the wind I love the wind.

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