4 elements


Often I feel like fire,
With a soul overrun by desire
The flames, orange and red,
Destroy everything in their tread.

Then again I become air,

Although the silence is more than I can bare,
But, it sends away every little thing
And nothing can resist it's blowing.

So, maybe I'm more like the ground
Trustworthy and full of sound.
Though hard and cold are not me,
I feel as close as a flower to a bee.

Alas, like water I am liquid
Everything transpires as I am limpid,
But, because all flows away
I never know what really should stay.

What I am I do not know
But, I sure hope it does show
That I am giving it my all
To be everything in total.

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feeling better

lightning fills the sky
rain washes the pain away
wind blows you away
fire fill where 
earth falls apart
spirit flies high
lightning fills my eyes
rain gives me love
wind like arms of
fire warms my heart
spirit flies higher

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4 elements


Once upon a time in faraway land, father Sun had 4 beautiful daughters with the Moon. The quadruplets where alike but different at the same time. Their names were given by their godmother Earth. First she took the blonde baby girl with white skin and big blue eyes and she said:


“Your name will be Aqua and you will be able to control the empire of the sea, every living thing among this reign shall be under your power, and to defend your reign in case of a threat you will possess a magical hippocampus: a horse with a tail of a whale that will obey to your commands”.


She set Aqua again in the crib, and then took the baby with brown hair and green eyes and because of her characteristics she said:


“Your name will be Terra and you will control every living thing that lives in land, they will be under your power and to defend from any possible threat you will possess a magical unicorn: a horse with a horn on his head that will obey to your commands”.


She lay down Terra aside Aqua, and then took the baby with black hair, white skin and grey eyes and said:


 “Your name will be Aera, your reign will be the one that flows with the wind, every living thing that moves through the skies shall be under your power. To protect your kingdom you will possess a magical pegasus: a horse with wings of an angel that will obey to your commands”.


She lay down Aera along with Aqua and Terra, she then took a look to the only baby that was left, who was about to cry because her sisters were carried up before her. This baby had red hair as fire, yellow eyes like the sunrays and white skin like her sisters. Mother Earth stared at the baby and said:


“I feel in this baby an energy that I didn’t felt in the others, your name, baby girl, will be Flamma, you will possess the power to control the fire, and to protect your kingdom you will possess a magical dragon with wings and fire breath. This is a very powerful element that you must not use for wrong.”


She lay down Flamma with her sisters Aqua, Aera and Terra. Then they sent the 4 godesses with their magical animals down to the Earth, where they will protect the kingdoms.


When they grew up, Aqua realized that she was the queen of all the mermaids of the sea, the fishes, dolphins, whales and every living thing from oceans and lakes. She was very happy to see how big her kingdom was. Terra had the second biggest kingdom; she ruled every living thing that walked on the earth: all the humans, the lions and the wolves. She knew her kingdom was not as big as Aqua’s, but she still had a lot of animals to care about. Aera had the third biggest kingdom; she ruled everything in the skies: all the birds from the eagles to the humming birds, the clouds and the air. She didn’t owned any plant, thought she was happy with her flying animals. Flamma, on the other hand, was not happy at all, as soon as she arrived to the earth she found at that the only living thing among his kingdom was her magical dragon, only the fire was under her reign, and she could only use it to burn the plants and the people. She was so very sad because her power was only for bad. Terra saw the sadness of her sister, she felt sorry that Flamma was not happy with the element she was given, and then she had an idea. Terra saw how her humans where freezing when the winter came along. She went to look out for her sister and told her:


“It does not matter how many possessions you have or how many things you own, what matters most is the goodness of your heart and how you use the gifts of earth to help others.”


Flamma then realized she could use the fire to warm the humans, to help them cook their meals and to burn the land to give more food to the animals and humans. She was very happy to see how his dangerous power could also help others in a good way.