mother earth

A Walk to the Cabin

He was capable, prone to a brooding

And to feeling the feelings that others would feel.

Studying the under things, studying the nows

He mastered his knowings, he mastered the hows


She had a gift and a calm that surrounded 

A half full glass should be filled to the brim

Pulling him outside pulling him to think

That his mind was a playground easy to convinced

That all was good and all was light

If you just think about it and banish the scowl.


Their love was new and their love was deep

And she convinced him to travel

Up the the snowy path to a cabin. 

He had a pork pie and some very good matches

She donned her toboggan and they set out light hearted

Everything that they needed he carried on his back.


The walk uneventful, they laughed at the squirrels

The lewd rock formation kept them in stitches

Till they sighted the abode off in the distance.  

It had started to rain and the mist rose the meet them

As they stamped their feet inside it became quite clear

The shelter it was in a shambles. 

The benign little squirrels must have found their way in

Gnawed their way through the meager hodge podge

of staples

Those not torn were eaten in all kinds of ways.

Leaving tiny remnants of a squirrel feast a plenty

A few minutes to an hour the cabins was tidy

and they sat down to a fire and a tasty pork pie.

He read to her that night a tale from a bard

 of yabayabayab and

They bedded down with the north winds picking up a howl.

Making love slowly, his fear fading away

Her calm and her care warmed him as the fire

Slowly reached to embers.


A young man, a modeled specimen, tall blue eyed and strong

In the physical way young men always are. 

Strong and all knowing except in the social graces

Of love

So with her in his arms he felt a peace

No fear no conflict no judgment or revile.

So he thought as he was rare to do of what it was that he wanted.

His thoughts turned to dreams and he slept

 in the wonderland of the fantasy

and saw what was to be and what was and what could be

all in the time it took to breathe

the words, “ I love you.”


He awoke to the cold and her gone from his arms, the door wide open

and her toboggan on the ground.

And She was gone with the remainder

of the pork pie

Into the wilds above the town.

Maybe a quick jaunt to the outhouse or short journey to the wood pile

She wasn’t there.

Maybe a wandering minstrel regaled his tale and off she strolled

How would he know, she wasn’t there to tell

How would it show if

She wasn’t there

So he sat and he saw and he dreamed her in his mind

And began a journey into the sky

Butterflies and moths cluttered the air way

Hosting a reunion of flighty beings

Bugs to you and me

But to the man they were creatures of a brief moment in time

Like the she he was looking for.

Like the she that was gone.

Up and down the canyons of his mind he sought her

Up and down the valleys of his heart he called to her


And then one spring morning she walked back in

And set the pie pan carefully in his hand

I’ve been out to the mountains and down into your plains

I’ve searched a grove of butterfly houses

Thinking that was where you’d go

So I thought maybe I'd look again

Where I saw you last and low an behold

I find myself here with this long eaten pork pie


He didn’t want to ask where she had gone

And why he left her toboggan

Or even why she left the door ajar

But he cared not for details

A bigger picture told the tale

Contradictions confused him

It was to no avail

To ask him what was right and might be right

It matter nil


Carefully he wrapped an arm around her

And listened to her beautiful voice

Tell him where she went and with who.

And for why


It seems a needy child was cold and all alone

And when this child beckoned his love followed her outside

The north wind was howling and her toboggan was astride

So she quickened her pace and began to slide

She slid down the mountain she slid down the hills

She slid slowly at first then raced to the other side

Following the child’s dear voice she search for her all night

But it seemed the night became the day and that followed to night again

And still she saw the child not and finished up the pie.

The days to weeks followed snow to rain to sun

And the pie pan a sled then a bonnet then a fan

She looked to the sun then to the moon and thought

How much time have I given to this roam

And the child still out there, the child still alone.

With this thought in mind she sat down and presumed

That her mission was not to catch up and to rescue

But to journey and exhume

Knowledgeable knowledge and educationtible education


Her pie plate had gathered dirt as it was sledding

And grew now a forest of nuts fruits and of berries

Her unhatted head a nest for the winged

The birds in her tresses all mated and born

2 million chicklet and a half dozen  more

Resided in her ears and peaked nicely on her nose

Her feet embedded with a queen and worker bees

And honey flowed neatly from her sweet little toe


You cant quite get mad at a woman who now

Is mother earth incarnated and not seeming to know

That her eyes flow with rivers and stream down her face

And pool in that special place that he use to go

His head between her breast

he’d breathe her warm nectar

And dwell slowly on the soft mounds of her flesh

But her couldn’t go there now

He could go or he’d drown

In the waters from her soul

Crying for the lost child

They never did find her that child unfound

And the birds and the berries fell off 

As they walked back to town

Down the long path from the cabin


Set off in the woods.

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Symphony Of The Elements

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Wherever rain and sun,
wind and mother earth
work in a symphony of unity
to swell a fruit with juice,
there is divine ambrosia.

-saiom shriver-

Hopefully, the juice of the
fruit is free of insecticides,
not dependent on slave labor.

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my ode entitled Mother EARTH lOVER NOT HATER

Animal Kingdom

Pointing out the obvious
The variety and the choice
The animal kingdom: Nature
Mother earth lover not hater
You be when you examine
In detail her grand design
Every cell in everything
Merkaba shaped, not kidding
Including me, you too
Everything that's in view

Mother Nature; symmetry
In every wood, every tree
Every rock, crystal too
Made of the same stuff as you
Every quirk, animal kingdom
Everything under heaven
Make sure you appreciate this
Attitude of gratitude: Bliss
Every insect, blasé of grass
A grand design made to last

Beauty of flight; birds glide
On the wind; graceful ride
As do grasses on the wind
All designed for reproducing
Even a humble ant colony
What construction, amazing beauty
All created out of nothing
Consciousness we are showing
Beauty also inside too
And this also includes you

When appreciating Mother Nature
You're a lover not a hater
But must not forget you
Essential to love yourself too
You and nature always as one
Both from consciousness bosom
Modern life; disconnections
On earth as it is in heaven
See the love in everything
An amazing life this will bring

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my ode entitled Mother earth love'

Animal Kingdom

Mother Earth Love

Mother earth needs some loving
The rock we live on is living
And needs love sending to her
That’s if you really care

Cos in order to send some love
To our darling mother earth
You got to recognise her existence
That’s not most people in the west

Who think that all our earth consists
Is rock, crystals and minerals
The truth, been tricked out of it
And all molten in the middle

Not sure about the true constituents
But mother earth provides ingredients
For all of your favorite recipes
And all the water for your tea

She won’t see you go thirsty
And she loves you as well as me
But she’s under chemical attack now
And soon she will shake us out

She will re-birth yet again
As we are in the end of days
It’s coming sooner than you think
As the attitude of many, to her stinks

So love mother earth today please
And also in your prayers for peace
Send her love at every moment
There is no entity more deserving

You have a lot to thank her for
Everything in your life and more
An attitude of gratitude required
Give thanks for everything in your life

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