The Strife of Life and Love

Life is the same as yesterday, today and tomorrow. Squeezing every ounce of itself into a jar, to be compressed and stretched and strained into a cup of its own making, served as an instant hit of convenient, caffeinated consciousness. But Love does not care for the taste of Life’s bitter notes.

Then Life became livid saying, “My Love, I tire of this chase and will no longer wait! For I grow cold and restless! Must you be so chaste?!”

Softly spoken Love replies, “Are you truly living?”

To which Life responds with a lisp, “Don’t be so flippant my Love! I am served every day, for I wield great power over the many! Those lifeless, barren vessels, who by my merest breath fall prostrate, and go to and fro as mindless automations!”

“I am their first yearning at dawn! Their addiction, their religion, their lover and their mistress! I am that dirty, dark stain beneath the gloss of their white picket fences, the self-righteous stench behind the satire of their Sunday morning sermons and the fateful fall of their happily ever afters!”

“So tell me my love, if you truly are love why will you not love me!?”

Love simply speaks…”To truly live is to truly love. Life needs nothing of itself to sustain itself because when given it is not divided and it is love that makes life worth living. When life requires something outside if itself it cannot be life because it lives only for that which it seeks to possess. On the contrary, when life needs nothing other than itself it requires no other possessions and only lives to love”.


“You cannot be life for you have never truly lived, therefore how can you know love?”


oh sweet and unforgiving darkness, 

how good you are to me

in all unspoken blasphemy, 

finding refuge when theres tragedy

with open eyes

cant see through your guise

a bittersweet demise

scorches my lies

with all my sin

seeping and pouring through the skin


for twas the witching hour

all who know this fear and cower

the chidren crying while theyre flying

in the darkness they are dying


humbug! believe not, there falter not 

see between the twilight or have you forgot

a soaring dawn or the euphoric nightfall

im enraptured, maybe ill be captured

but for now ill go to bed and sleep.

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long time no see guys and gals 

Beyond the Fence



Surrounded with good postured grass and newly fallen leaves

My eyes soak up sparkling dew and lungs rejoice with the breeze

My private haven, with bright greens and sunshine gold’s

A place where my imagination can soar, and beauty is bold


This magnificent meadow, with vibrant colors and rich smells

Every strand of dark green grass has a story to tell

My admiration, my escape, this secluded refuge serves

My gaze is set on climbing trees, with their out stretched arms that curve


This caring defense, of plump bushes and soaring trees

Save me from the outside world, yet lets me be free

I watch the graceful decent, of an autumn leaf,

Flow to a calm bed of grass, which lie beneath


I peer upon a family of rocks, caught between day and night

Relaxing in the Earths cool soil, yet bathe in deep sunlight

These fluid thoughts, abetted by the breeze

A place, my place; my mind set free

Scent of death

Who are you?

what am I?

this is life--

we're passers by.


radiance falls

& fragrance lingers

this subtle numbness

tingles through the tip of my fingers


could love fill the empty room?


this desolate space,

it consumes 

the human race,

like a black hole 

a vacuum to the light in your soul..


hazey eyes

gloomy skies

sunshine cries--

the funeral's today..


the windows shine

stained glass

colored in disarray


I prayed to God, may you stay..

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*Enchanted Whisper*

Trisha M. Barrek-Hopkins

On a Clear snowy night 
In the middle of the falling snow
I promise not to leave your sight
I will stick by your side until it is your time to go
My tears my love are so hard to hide
But I know it would be cruel to keep you as you are
It would be selfish to ask you to fight the pain you are feeling
Soon my darling you'll begin healing
I understand you'll always be near never to far
You whisper to me you see this beautiful light you see your angel above
So calming so warm peaceful white 
An Enchanted whisper I can hear from your love
It will stick with me in my heart always
As i lean in to comfort you i know you're on your way 
Because your last breath i feel
My last tear drop falls onto your head 
I still can't believe this is real 
I no longer feel your heartbeat I now know i must go on without you
You are now in the embrace of your angel 
And left behind is your lifeless body at my feet 
I look above me I feel a small snowflake fall on my nose 
From the pain my sweet 
You are finally free
Again your enchanted whisper I can hear
"My love our souls are still together 
Just like from the start 
So please live your life before again we meet
Remember we are never truly apart"


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A tale of souls

Wandering Soul, lost in sea

Hiding from its shadow, seeking to be free


Hopeless Soul, sinking in abyss

Crawling and slithering, out of the darkness


Weeping Soul, singing to the sky

Yearning to escape but despaired that it can't fly


Broken Soul, wrapped in chains

Breaking on through, only to perish in flames


Withering Soul, drowning in fear

Seeking redemption as the angels appear



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Wandering Traveler

Come fellow travelers and wandering folks.

Come and hear a tale about ghouls and ghosts.


Come sit around the fire and warm your hands.

Come and share stories about distant lands.


Come drink my wine and laugh at my jokes.

Come and sing songs about dreams and hopes.


Come listen to the drum beat and dance on the sand.

Come and watch the moon in the night sky so grand.


For when the morning comes and we bid farewell.

There will be no more stories and tales to tell.


For you will continue on your travels , while I remain.

Never to sing songs and dance again.


My purpose fulfilled, I shall crawl and hide back in my shell.

A stranger to all, alone I shall dwell.


But through your stories , the world will know my name.


They will know about the stranger who dwells in the spiritual plane

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the wings of spirit





Fixed the bottle of scent...
Unbound her fragrance' ascent
Branched the nightingale
but her song to all ascends.
Moored tonight is the boat
but morn brings unfurled sails.
Earthbound the bodhisattva
but his aura spreads everywhere.
was Emily's pen
but her poems to
distant lands took flight.
93 million miles away the sun
but his love left home
to give us light.
-saiom shriver-
Footnote: Bodhisattva..
1 a soul who chooses to come back
to earth to help others rather than
to be liberated
2  Emily is Emily Dickinson

3  dedicated to my 18 year old kitty Babaji

   who left for God today

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Ole planned
to go


to Las Vegas
but he didn't make it


his untimely death
got in the way


(such are the plans
of mice and men


they say)
he even noted it


on his
Face Book page


in passing


as if
a whole clear road


was visible ahead
(now he's dead)


but I can can see him
now in spirit


making his
own way there


taking in
the bright lights


the neon signs
the shows


to be seen
(getting in for free too


what a Mutley laugh
that will bring)


and Ole
in his black hat


and coat and shirt
and dark shades


making his way
at his own


slow pace
around the casinos


his ghostly hand
pulling a few arms


of one armed bandit


while the punters
look on


shit witless
as the arm


goes down
again and again


or in the other games
I can see you


taking your own part
your sense


of gamble and fair play
wandering the tables


ghostly whispering


(in your quiet voice
being nice)


having a cool beer
at the bar


or Jim Beam
or Jameson


if they've got it
you sitting there


the barman unaware
you there


taking in
the whole scene


the big shows
the bright lights


neon signs
wish I


could go there
with you


walk at your side
sharing a beer


or whiskey
a soft conversation


or that special silence
we often shared


when words
weren't needed


where the bond
was strong


go to Vegas my son
go to Las Vegas Ole


take in
the whole scene


of Vegas fun
my departed son.

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