The Dao: The Way

I once said "love does not exist"

I was wrong and doubtful of what

we are,


We can love, because we are love,

out of love we were created by him

who loves us the most


Each one of us struggles every day,

it is hard not to be hateful of everything,

to single out particular things for our problems,


But we can choose to think differently,

we can choose to believe in meaning,

to treat others like actual human beings


Without love there is no meaning,

because love is meaning,

hate is the destruction of that meaning


Without him, we are just empty shells,

just nihillists, going through the motions

with no real understanding for why we 

should even be alive.


Look around you, do you not feel the hate?

do you not feel the suffering? These impressions

on our consciousness, can we not change this?

Why should we give in so easily? why not resist

this evil and show strength?


Without him, there is no evil, there is no good,

no spiritual bases for why things happen the

way they happen, it  all seems so absurd.


It is easy to give in to egoism, moral relativism, etc

because you feel like nothing matters anyways,

so why not just live life as you choose? 

"Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law"


When you take your head out of the sand

and stop ignoring the negative force, you can actually see how it has

taken control of your very life,  how the devil has gained a strong foot hold


All because of doubt, and the lack of will do what is necessary,

so much easier it is to give in to the parasitic influence of the world,


He becomes your god,

you just don't realize it until its too late.


 All that doubt sucks at your being like a leech,

you feel dead inside,

you feel hopeless, in the darkest hole of dispair,

all because you think it doesn't matter


The evil is there, so acknowledge it and exorcise it from yourself,

pray to christ to expel the parasite from your system,

cleanse the negative energy,

fill your heart with love and  always keep on your guard for hate


Or otherwise continue to be a slave to him who controls the world,

only the son of man can help you transcend this material mockery;

he is your key and your  door, surrender yourself and stop trying to find

another way, because there is no other way but through him.


He is "the way though truth and the light"

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