A fury boils inside, not able to retain
Lashed with inhibition, tied with chains
A passion it may be, or the pain of a thousand cries
Lost in the depths of, the most ruthless lies

A rage storms around, my world falls astray
Cast into the realm of, each and every day
A reminder it may be, to the truth inside
The one that is lost, in a monstrous tide

A darkness sweeps along, take with it my smile
Such gloom it has brought, for quite a while
A hoax it may be, some sort of twisted light
Some kind of blissful misery, or some fortunate plight

A trembling overtakes and shatters, what’s left of my pride
Eliminating all hope, in each and every stride
A calling it may be, to the ascension of my will
With the beauty of illumination, my eyes are filled

A love enflames and kindles, the ruins of my soul
Burning with the heat, of the richest charcoal
A redemption it is, from the blight which consumes
Released from the idleness, of this once filled tomb

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What to live for, when your heart just dies
Bearing through empty hours, and painful sighs
Feeling things that bleed underneath
Gripping on to your fists, grinding your teeth

What to breath, when absent is your will to live
When nothing satisfies, and have nothing to give
When you just sink deeper, as thoughts turn vague
And you yelp for life, as you endure the plague

How to see, when lies exist in all forms
When chaos spreads, and rage storms
When doubts prevail, and simplicity fades
When truth and light, with illusions trade

The Illusionist


Come to me, watch my eyes
Come catch a glimpse of paradise
Watch my smile while I cry
Show my life as I die
See my light! Is truly dark
See my magic, only farce
The door which leads you to my heart
Is really a wall, protect my heart
Yes I smile, but you can't see
The pain and tears inside of me
The magic I show you to make you smile
With a broken heart all the while
I live and love to make you glad
All the while to miss what I had
This my job, I won't let you see
So that you won't cry for me
Magic I claim, magic I know
All an illusion, only a show
But soon you will leave, a smile on your face
And that smile will be my redeeming grace.

The Outlaw Gangster

Volume Three

The Outlaw Gangster;

Fear the rath of the reaper, The silver tongued viper.
While you're living on borrowed time, peace is your only crime.
What is it you see when you look into the mirror?
What is it you see when death draws near?

The story of the outlaw gangster, is a tale of tragedy.
An epic saga of heroes and villains dueling into history
and the rebel is the victim, forced into perdition.
Abandoning all hope, when suicide becomes the only method to cope
and the hallow man, finds solitude within the wasteland.

Finding all that is wrong with this world,
through the endlessness of empty faces staring back at me
As a coward who would fold, would bind these souls that don't wish to be free.
Walking among the insane, dining with the depraved.
Perhaps you could explain why we should even be saved?

The handsome man is the devil. Guiding you blind and ill.
Every mistake, every bad action could be pinned on him,
In a world of paradise, temptation will always lead to sin.
When we can't even figure out ourselves,
how can we possibly understand god.
In a world of right and wrong, where wrong is right
I simply walk the path of the outlaw.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just finished this piece up, so its still very much a rough draft... I might add this to one of my books later on, as a space filler.

Your thoughts?

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Church bells ring
But I don’t hear them
Silence is my only sound
My world is in black and white
The color is gone
Since you’re now no longer around
Music once flowed, now out of my life
Children are laughing
But I can’t see
All I see is you, leaving me slowly
Watching me suffer
In love with you, forever I’ll be

Why didn’t I fight
My cowardice shown
But now you’re gone
And I’m left all alone
I’d rather be in pain
Than feel nothing at all
Apathy, still having
Yet further to fall
My heart ripped out
A hollow chest remains
No power to fight
Memory, my chains

So, am I living or have I yet died
Nothing is left, I’m hollow inside

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The Sailor

My Love

They say the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
But you know that I hate to leave you like this
I know that you need me, and you I will miss
But the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
I have to go to become worthy of you
And I don’t know what else to do
But if you’ll wait for me, I think you will find
That fairytales happen, so never you mind
You look so beautiful, please don’t you cry
I will come back; now leaving is nigh
You have to let go of me now my dear
But I’ll come back before another year
Know that I kiss you every night
Sweet, loving dreams make life alright
Yes although you have to let me go
I’ll come straight back to your arms, I know
I’ll be waiting, and wishing till I see you, and then
I’ll hold you and never let go again
But I have to go, and soon you will see
A man where a boy used to be
Who’ll be able to take care of you for all of our days
And who’ll never leave you, together always.

Raven's cradle

Don't be afraid my little raven, do your best;
It's just the wind and thunder that shake our nest.

They scare the weak, you must be strong,
Remember, the disaster will last for long.

Do not be frightened by the western star,
That illuminates my sacred scars.
They are just the shadows of the past,
That tease the disaster's lust.

By the western wind the twigs are torn
My feathering seems to be by disaster shorn.

My time will come, you'll be alone,
But see, if you are strong,
You will not hear the thunderstorm,
Nor the wind blow its horn.

My child, You shall see them course,
You shall hear them whisper the name of yours.

Don't be afraid my little raven, do your best;
It's just the wind and thunder that shake our nest.

Dead Roses In December


Tears of regret escape from our eyes
to rest at the feet of Jesus
the melancholy that falls down from the skies
the bitter nightmare we despise.

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standing atop a high ledge
looking toward the bottom
feel like flying
open your arms
jump to the abyss below
no one stopping you
no one holding your hand
when you reach the bottom you'll be free
near the edge the rock crumbles
falling freely to the crashing shore
the waves will wash away the misery
misery and the pain
pray to your higher power
have them aid you in your journey
closer to the ledge now
gone, gone, all hurt gone
over before you can comprehend
no more pain
no more hurt
no more misery
five seconds of free
everything to an end.

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