For those we lost <3

Poems for 2012

In life you can choose.
Live easy and hope it works.
Work hard and make it work.
But for some cant choose.

The life they would like they cant have.
They try there best, fight for what they want.
But in the end others tear them down.
Giving them feeling they never show.

Now they are no more.
It happened so quick.
They hope we forget them fast.
But in my mind you shall all last.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the memory of all the lost ones. <3

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Great Tribute To Those Lost

The left behind, forgotten, the hiders, the losers, the once who move away, the beggar in the street, the friend no more, the lover lost - so many are here, such a fine way of expressing regret for those gone (the dead) - such scope in so few words ~~~Lady A



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They never leave

We must never forget the once we love.
The loved will never leave us.
They are closer to us than what we know.
I just wish they had a way to show.