self pity

Birthday Blues

I was born 41 years ago today, 

A waste of life is what it's been.

I've never felt so worthless, I wish I didn't feel this way. 

It's true though. I've never been good enough for anyone, 

I'm a horrible mother and the worst girlfriend you could imagine. 

Life as me isn't much fun. 

I wish I could throw these feelings out the door. 

Find sunshine among the darkness and gloom 

Smile and laugh once more. 

But it all feels so pointless right now. 

Like I'll never smile again

I wish I Weren't a coward somehow

I'd make all this pain go away. 

I'd bite the bullet and grab a gun

And never see another birthday. 


No Problems

No Problems

When things just aren't going right
And you think your life's a mess
You just can't find the answers
So you try and take a guess
Just stop and look around
And you are bound to see
Things aren't really all that bad
As they may seem to be.
When you compare your problems
To what is really real
You'll see that your big problems
Are really no big deal.
When there's no food to eat
No roof above your head
No cloths upon your back
No place to call your bed
No one to call a "Buddy"
No one that you call "Dear"
Nobody you can talk with
No one to lend a ear.
No place that you call home
No heat to keep you warm
No walls to keep you safe
No shelter from from the storm.
But worst than all your problems
That you are thing of
The greatest one of all
Is being without love.
No one to ever hold you
Or comfort you at night
Nobody to embrace you
To make you feel alright.
No one to say "I love you"
No sister or a brother
Not knowing who's your Father
Not knowing who's your Mother.
Now these are real big problems
Which make your problems small
And unless you have these problems
Then you really

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always remember that no matter how bad you think things are for you there is always somebody worst off. Count your blessings.

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Why Me?

Its something I always see,
Difficulties have a terrifying attack on me

I am so good with a vibrant charm,
Yet I am disturbed and never calm……

The whole world has so much to rejoice,
I have so little that leads to no choice…

Why me when it comes to getting all the pain?
Why my life can’t be filled, with luxuries pouring like rain?

Why is it I have so many tears?
Why am I not able to leave my fears?

The answer lies in the question itself,
With too much attachment I create problems for myself…

Today the question you ask is Why Me?
Change the question to a thought saying “I Thank Thee”

See a blessing in every moment given to live!
See what you can do,
How you can help and to who?

Life has not been given to complain,
Life is sitting in your own chartered plane,

Its up to you to take your plane to a starry destination,
Its up to you to land in a stagnant sensation….

Your actions are in your own hands,
Why Me? is a question just from the deserted sands..

Only when you selflessly serve,
Life brings out a mysterious sublime awe at every curve….

Rise above Why Me! And focus on,
Living for others that beautifies you’re born

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A way of life to beautify living on earth!!

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