take my hand

Take my Hand

By JFarrell


Take my hand,

And I’ll help you as far as I can;

I can’t carry you,

But, maybe,

If you walk in my footprints,

It will ease your journey.



It does look like a long journey,

But you are not alone;


Take my arm,

Take the support you need.


I know,

You look around

And see no-one.

I know,

You feel so alone.

But I am here

Here to help you.


Take my hand,

I will catch you if you fall;

I will right you if you stumble;

I will be beside you, always;


Take my hand.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

alone is a lonely place

Two Worlds


I always felt like I was in a deep slumber and all of this was just a dream


When will I wake up?


Who says this is what life had to offer us?


Delusional by our greed and lust


Our hearts turn cold


I hear a voice calling out to me saying


 “Wake up”


I look around me and no one’s there


So deep inside my shell, I can’t even breathe anymore


Its suffocating


 Please send help


It goes dark


A voice whispers


“Wake up”


My eyes slowly open and I see the truth


I scream in agony


Feels like a thousand ants crawling in and out of me


The reality of the truth eats me alive


They make a mess of me


My body to ruin


I smell burnt flesh and I feel sick to my stomach


I am nothing


That ‘Reality’ was nothing but a sham


The world I made up to protect myself from the truth


They are calling out my name but their voices get lost in the thousands of cries of the underworld


The dead cry out in agony


But the world continues to spin


 Hear the dead cry out to their loved ones


Don’t you feel their pain?


Sadness fills up my heart


Their poor attempt to reach out to me fails


I see through them


They soon get cut off by my darkness


I can’t accept their half-assed sincerity


Why is there no one genuine?


That dream world was just a test


But the real game begins here


Trusting no one but myself


Who can really save me?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its often hard to express how i feel so i typed it up

The Field

Torrents of hazy clouds begin to block out my happiness as I sit waiting for my mind to release me from my perpetual imprisonment from these chains of broken people and run down lies I tell myself to keep aloft in these dark days. As I look around, bare gnarled trees flex their fingers and are the only witnesses to this hell that I have incarcerated myself within. The sky goes darker as I find nothing within me to brighten the few stable thoughts that I have recycled too many times. My affection for the desire to breathe and take my revenge cements the chains and acts to drive the few things around me that have not already made their escape from my black hole of cycled misery. The grass goes black and the ground dries to a bone like state as I scream to stab my torturers.


The field is dead and I am its killer, so filled with loathing that my acidic personality caused it to shrivel and become a lifeless waste where even the worms of self pity and vultures of depression dare not tread in fear of dying due to the lack of prey: My happiness long since dried up and the few ideas of self righteousness consumed by my horrible self. I try to unclench my fist but as I do so, my bones break and cease to be flexible. I shriek in an effort to portray that I care about this, but I don't.

I know I don't.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First Poem! Hope you enjoy this, just want to know peoples opinions on this type of writing :)

Get High and say you love me

Get high and tell me that you love me,
I don't have too much time anyway

Take me and I'll take you too
bring me softly into the mystical night
I'll carry you home whenever we're though
and I'll make sure that we're both alright.


I'm a little tired of being all alone
and I guarantee I'm not my own best friend

And I'm pretty sure your tired on your own

So make us happy one night till the end.


Get high and tell me that you love me

I'll get high and tell you that I care
And the truth is it means a lot to me
Because I'm not sure I'm all there


You can blame me, and I think you ought
Because a high man's words are a sober man's thoughts

We can have a lover's spat a lover's fight

and you won't have to worry at all
Because I promise that I'll be done by the night
and it can be me who can take the fall


And when you're sober you can say
That we'd be better off as friends
and I won't mind and I'll go away
since I know that's how it has to end



You can blame me but I don't think I'm at fault
Because a high woman's words are a depressed woman's thoughts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about thinking about making mistakes because you've been lonely for too long. I really love song lyrics and so I've more or less tried to adopt a style like that but mixed with some other literary devices. I don't really have a set meter so let me know if rythm is a problem. 

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Hallow grounds, will seperate,
How much longer will I wait?
Before I open my eyes,
So much wasted time, on empty skies,


Enemies are mine, I know,
Won't let me think, won't let me go,
Here I sit, cloudy head again,
Orgasmic numbness setting in,


Would your love still get us through?
If you really knew, what I do?
If you known what I've done,
Comence the hating, for what I've become,


Obide by my master, and hide it well,
Banging on these walls inside my hell,
One time, I almost got thru,
Then I found myself opened because of you,


Just alittle while longer,
Just a little bit more,
This monkey will jump off my back,
When I lose myself on the floor...

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The Girl

cries on my shoulder


talks to the man

with the fancy


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Whispers in the Wind

Just a thought!
For days we sit dormant, little comfort beside us
Trussed up in our world of woe and despair
We listen to voices invading our head
Pondering choices, we lay silent.

Dreaming and drowning through endless seclusion
Repetitive thought sustains our hopes
Wanting only to share intimate bonds with another
We wait, hoping to catch a dream.

Time passes, dreams fading, the heart still yearns
Our soul remains restless, loneliness runs deep
Patiently we wait, perched by the window
Chanting little "Whispers in the wind".                  
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Probably reading too many tales of loneliness and lost love'

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Rain hits the window

In the silence of the room

It beats against you

Like the heart beats against the chest

The lonliness the night brings

Catches you unwillingly

Keeps hold and never lets go.

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She Told Me

She told me that she didn't know

anymore what I thought we knew. 

She told me she was thinking still

of where to go and what to do.


She told me that she loved me still

yet she thought it best she go.

She told me that she always would

but in her eyes it didn't show. 


She left, and there I stood alone

as she swore I'd never be.

She left, and there I stood alone,

lost at home with her memory. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based on a conversation had on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend of this year. It is raw and painful and I don't know what to do.

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