Gone too soon

Too many gone too soon, by way of the needle and spoon......5 friends alone in the month of June and a wake today at noon..........this disease has my life such a mess, felling possessed, hoping for death......Yeah I'm fucking depressed...You must be a genius to have guessed.....alright I will confess I have no control getting high and really don't give a fuck if I overdose and die! I can't admit defeat even living on the streets, no food to eat, no shoes on my feet.....I gave everything away......I really don't know what else to say.....my only thought is getting off E today......a little hustling and boosting and I am on my way to see Jose....it's the same routine every fucking day......when does it end?.....should I listen to my friend and go to detox again?........damn I can't stand being a slave, I know this disease wants me in my grave......I need to have God lead the way......I am ready today!

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Hallow grounds, will seperate,
How much longer will I wait?
Before I open my eyes,
So much wasted time, on empty skies,


Enemies are mine, I know,
Won't let me think, won't let me go,
Here I sit, cloudy head again,
Orgasmic numbness setting in,


Would your love still get us through?
If you really knew, what I do?
If you known what I've done,
Comence the hating, for what I've become,


Obide by my master, and hide it well,
Banging on these walls inside my hell,
One time, I almost got thru,
Then I found myself opened because of you,


Just alittle while longer,
Just a little bit more,
This monkey will jump off my back,
When I lose myself on the floor...

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