wanting love

Whispers in the Wind

Just a thought!
For days we sit dormant, little comfort beside us
Trussed up in our world of woe and despair
We listen to voices invading our head
Pondering choices, we lay silent.

Dreaming and drowning through endless seclusion
Repetitive thought sustains our hopes
Wanting only to share intimate bonds with another
We wait, hoping to catch a dream.

Time passes, dreams fading, the heart still yearns
Our soul remains restless, loneliness runs deep
Patiently we wait, perched by the window
Chanting little "Whispers in the wind".                  
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Probably reading too many tales of loneliness and lost love'

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This Poem Is Not About Love

This poem is not about love…my last lover, my recent dates,
or the one night stands in-between…
This poem is not about the flowers I’ve send to dozen of ladies
yearning for my heart throughout the years…
This poem is not about the broken promises, or the empty
kisses from my mistresses…is not about the smiles and miles
I've gone to love them or the money I’ve spend on them…
This poem is not about the cold dinners alone with that special
someone you hold dear…the different Valentines every February
14th…the love letters to my first crush in 3rd grade she never received…
The custom poems written to my new attractions…
this poem is not about love.
This poem is not about the flavor of the week, or how nasty of a freak
I could be…try me and you’ll see what I mean…
This poem is not about the number three, six, and nine...penetration,
push, nice and slow…hard core!! However you want it girl!!
This poem is not about lovers or friends with benefits!!
This poem is not about love, relationships, or sex…fine wine or late night
cuisines…this poem is not about my girlfriends and how I miss them all,
skinny, too petite, pushin’ for cushin’, or just right!
They all need attention and affection…this poem is not about love!
This poem is not about making it last forever, if ever never came to be…
it’s not about the broken pieces of my mended heart, like a puzzle missing
the finishing piece! This poem is not about the burning desire to find true
love in all the wrong places, or the only two real loves that got away…
This poem is not about Living, Loving, and laughing…
It’s about trust and commitment never shared…a true love never held,
rendezvous that go in circles…words of love that exit short…
maybe I’m too smooth for my own game or a fool for love with no one to love…
This poem is humble, but not about love.
Come to think of it, maybe this poem is about love…a love I don’t have,
an invisible emotion! This poem is about love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about love....

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