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The One

I will not be silenced. I will not be gold.

Though I am not worth a moment,

or so I am told.


Let shadows take me, unending and masterless.

My thoughts race, as I am careless.


From home I sprung with an idea so bright.
Ideas turned to greed, and greed to blight. 


Lost in the qualms of deeds past done.

No, I am not the one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This just came to me and right now I'm currently stuck in a rut so this poem explains my feelings. However brief it may be, I feel like it's powerful. There are two ways you can read this poem. Top to bottom or left to right. Each variation means something completrely different.

Two Worlds


I always felt like I was in a deep slumber and all of this was just a dream


When will I wake up?


Who says this is what life had to offer us?


Delusional by our greed and lust


Our hearts turn cold


I hear a voice calling out to me saying


 “Wake up”


I look around me and no one’s there


So deep inside my shell, I can’t even breathe anymore


Its suffocating


 Please send help


It goes dark


A voice whispers


“Wake up”


My eyes slowly open and I see the truth


I scream in agony


Feels like a thousand ants crawling in and out of me


The reality of the truth eats me alive


They make a mess of me


My body to ruin


I smell burnt flesh and I feel sick to my stomach


I am nothing


That ‘Reality’ was nothing but a sham


The world I made up to protect myself from the truth


They are calling out my name but their voices get lost in the thousands of cries of the underworld


The dead cry out in agony


But the world continues to spin


 Hear the dead cry out to their loved ones


Don’t you feel their pain?


Sadness fills up my heart


Their poor attempt to reach out to me fails


I see through them


They soon get cut off by my darkness


I can’t accept their half-assed sincerity


Why is there no one genuine?


That dream world was just a test


But the real game begins here


Trusting no one but myself


Who can really save me?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its often hard to express how i feel so i typed it up

Such a Dark World


The worlds such a dark place
So full of mystery no one will know
I try to get how people feel
but it ends up that  I can't
no one can, but yet I'll keep trying
I will not stop trying to help till im dead
I wont give up on life till evreyone is happy
this is a hard thing for me to write
but I hope I can enjoy this for years to come

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just ya, something I wanted to say...

Black Cloud Weeping

White clouds seeking direction, being tossed all around, soaking up the tears from all that they are aground. White too dark as they bring fear, thunder and slashes as they appear. Not meant to be alone, but that is their fate, as all the new ones, don’t want to share in its fate. Down comes the tears, as white clouds sneer.  As it weakens, all wish well, with not one weeping. Only thinking of themselves as they swell slowly never realizing they are also now growing.  

By Rob Casteel