If you’re lucky enough to fall in love…to have love enter your life…

from your parents, your friends your relatives, your partner or your wife…


Once you have been blessed …and that seed of love is planted

you cherish every moment……you take not a thing for granted.


For over the years there is a truth…a lesson about love that you’ve learned:

how it feels wonderful it when you give it…and even more wonderful when it’s returned..


And you truly believe that this feeling will forever be extending

never giving a thought that your love story has an ending.


You get so involved in love

in its mystery, its excitement and it’s laughter

that you think the only way your fairy tale will end

is happily ever after.


But when someone you love stops loving you

when they say they’ve had enough

or when a loved one dies…or for whatever the reason

the road turns from smooth…to rough


you find yourself crying and moaning

and you hope 

and you wish 

and you pray…

because in your heart you know that fairy tales

aren’t supposed to end this way.


Then somehow with the help of your friends,

your siblings, your father and your mother

you discover the end of one fairy tale 

can be the beginning of another.


So you jump on your white horse

and with your injured soul

and your heart in need of mending

you turn to the next page of your Fairy Tale…


in search of your happy ending.


He can’t explain it logically

but once he found her…

the person he adored

his heart felt like it grew…

larger than it had ever been before.


And when she died

when she was finally gone…

never more to be

he wondered if what he felt 

was his heart breaking

or simply 


returning to the size it used to be

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They loved to work on puzzles…puzzles of every kind

anything they could do to help improve their minds.


He would sit beside her as they completed crosswords

(always the left side he would choose)

He would help her with the answers as she read out the clues.


They would sit day in…day out with him on her left flank….

and he loved to watch how with pen in hand she filled in all the blanks.


They loved their jigsaw puzzles.

They made sure each one read '500 pieces’ on the label

because any puzzle with more than that wouldn’t fit on their card table. 


As they neared completion of a puzzle…his participation would decrease…

always giving her the pleasure…of completing that last piece.


And even though they completed puzzles to help their minds stay strong

that doesn’t always mean in life…the mind will play along.


For we never know what Fate has in store…what Destiny may bring….

and one day he began to notice she was forgetting things…


It was sad when he began to notice…and sadder yet because he knew

there would come a day…when she would notice too.


“I’m afraid?”  she said one day in tears

What are we going to do?”

“Whatever happens.” he said taking her hand

I’ll be right here with you.


So life was the last puzzle they completed

and he constantly gave thanks

he was there to help find her missing pieces

to fill in all her blanks….


And he was there when their puzzle ended

there the day she died….

their hands fitting together like a puzzle


as he was seated by her side.

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A teacher found a weathered copy of her poem…

And immediately reminisced…

for never had he read a poem…as sad or beautiful as this:



“I want you all to write a love poem,” He told his class,

“For love is beautiful…and grand…”

when he was interrupted by a student…who quickly raised her hand.


“My daddy was killed by a crazy person with a gun.” she said.

“How can I contemplate…

words of love and joy…

when I’m filled with so much hate?”


He had anticipated many questions…but this one…he never guessed…

He walked over, put his arms around her…and hugged her to his chest.


“When hate is all around us”, he said…”when bullets rain down from above…

That is the time we must fight hate…and search for words of love.”


“Look into your heart.” he said, ‘words of love are waiting there

words of love you will discover…words of love you’ll want to share.”


He returned to his desk amid silence…and during the interlude

the class all wrote their poems…in a quiet solitude…


He wasn’t sure what to expect until that night at home

when he came to her assignment entitled…


                                            This Is My Love Poem


My daddy used to talk about love…before he’d turn off my light…

He said love is a wonderful way to start the day…and the best way to say goodnight.


So I will try everyday to think in words of love…no matter what my fate

hoping the words of love I find…will overcome my hate…


I hope someday to discover the love I’m searching for…

For hate has won this battle…but I won’t let it win the war. 


Perhaps if words of love, instead of bullets, were falling from the sky

then love would finally vanquish hate…and no more Daddies would have to die.


Yes, hate has left me with a scar and my dreams will be forever haunted…

but I promise to try and look for love, because…



that’s what Daddy would have wanted.

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He was looking at a picture of his wife…thinking of their first date… first kiss…

and now that she is gone…all the things that he will miss…


“You look sad.” the young girl said to him as he sat upon ‘their’ rock

“Sometimes I get sad too.” she said…but he didn’t want to talk.


“Why are you here all by yourself?” He asked.

“What are you doing talking to me?”

“Don’t you have someplace else to go?”

“Someplace else you need to be?”


“Do you like ice cream?” she asked

“How long since you were born?”

“How dangerous is it to pet a snake?”

“Have you ever seen a unicorn?”


The old man tried his best not to answer…but there was something about her smile he adored…

and as the questions kept on coming…she was too hard to ignore.


“I’ve never seen a unicorn.” he said

“Snakes are dangerous…you know.”

“I like my ice cream chocolate…and I was born a long, long time ago.”


She kept asking questions because that’s what a little girl does

and as the old man kept responding he forgot how sad he was.


After a while from atop that rock he was now happily sitting on

he turned to thank the little girl

but he couldn’t

she was gone.


He looked but could not find her.

Where was she?

He didn’t know…but she took with her his sadness 

she took with her his woe.


“It can’t be…can it! he wondered after sitting there a while

and returning to the picture of his wife he nodded,


“I thought I recognized that smile."

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She was seven when her family moved away…

She was sad…she didn’t know what to do

as she waved goodbye to all her friends

and the only home she ever knew.


Her parents said they have a nice new house

that she’d make new friends…

still she pined…

For how could she make new friends

when she left her heart behind?



They were married only 20 years

When his wife unexpectedly passed away…

He didn’t have time to say goodbye

To plead with her to stay…


Friends said he was still young

that he’d find another wife as gentle and as kind

but he knew that would be impossible

when he left his heart behind.



A loss of any kind is difficult…

when there is so much that we miss…

If there is anything we must remember…

we must remember this…


For anyone who experiences a loss

we must keep this in mind…

It’s never easy to move ahead

when you’ve left your heart behind.


So we must show them patience and love

For in their own time they will discover

That there is happiness ahead…


That their heart can and will recover.

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When the time comes to say goodbye…when we reach that fateful day

I will not say goodbye to you…because there’s so much else to say…


As we stand upon that threshold…our time together…almost through…

I’d like to say how lucky I’ve been to know someone like you.


As I look at all our years together…still hoping we have more…

there are so many things about my life…I’d like to thank you for.


I’d like to thank you for every moment…every second that we shared.

I’d like to thank you for being with me when I’ve been brave or scared.


For the times we danced together, for the times you’ve eased my fears…

For the times we’ve sat in silence, for the time you’ve shared my tears.


For every walk we’ve ever taken, every song we’ve ever sung

For showing me as we grow old together…what it’s like to feel young.


For every time we laughed…for every time we cried.

For knowing whatever happened…you would be there by my side.


For all the wonders we’ve experienced,…for all our wonders unforeseen..

From our first place to our last place…and for all those places in between.


For the sunrises and sunsets we’ve enjoyed…for somehow having the knack

of taking me higher than I’ve ever imagined…to the moon, the stars and back.


No, I will not say goodbye…goodbye is final…so, if you please

let me say I love you…and send that upon the breeze…


and let it float until it finds you…I know not where or when….

and let it keep you company…until we meet again…

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Without You

The rain

Is too much to bear

With my shoulders

Carried down

My face awash with tears


The forest of death

Shadowed by building

And monsters in the place of men

The city is



A single thought

Spoken out

That killed a love

And a man


A single stone 

Always there

Above him

The messenger

Of fate

For all of us


I cry without strength

Iv'e fallen down

I don't wish to rise

My knees are home

I can't pray to the lie

Or the sky

Or a man


Death has taken him

And soon comes for me

Was it my fault

The wind reminds

Of all the words

Like knives

The knives he painted

A terrible beauty

His last work

Hiding his last


A paper on the floor

Covered in pencil


And regret


I couldn't have saved you

You said

I don't believe


No matter what you say

There is always 

A second road


A field

The one you loved

Where i loved you


A hill

No shade

Only sun




Only today

It's grey


Is rain

Loss and grief


Taken by men

By me



This day

Is death

I consider your path

At least then

I'd be sure

To see you again

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In August we left our house in Florida for 10 weeks in NC.

We didn’t prepare for a hurricane…(call it smug complacency).


Now we are safe and in our cabin just me and Deborah…(you may remember she’s she’s my spouse)

while a huge hurricane named Irma…is barreling toward our house.


Wherever you are…if you’re staying put, on the road or safely in NC

nothing makes you more nervous…than that cone of uncertainty…


We do not know what will happen…for us this is a first…

In our hearts we are expecting the best…but we’re ready for the worst.


All the times spent waiting and waiting as Irma slowly comes across

makes everyone anxious, edgy, scared…and definitely at a loss…


At a loss knowing all this anticipation is a kind of living hell…

At a loss to know what will happen to the places in which we dwell


At a loss knowing no weatherman or weather woman can totally assure

that our homes, our friends and families will be safe…will be secure…


So now we wait..we wait…we hope…we pray…we keep our fingers crossed

and hope that when Irma’s through with us…we have not experienced a loss…


But knowing, if we have, there are people who love us…people who care

who will help us find our way out…of our heartbreak and despair.


Who will help us through our struggles…who will help us find a seed

A seed of hope when we need it most…in our time of grief and need…


And there is our silver lining…knowing no matter what misfortunes we come across…


If we’re surrounded by people who love us…we are never at a loss

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