We are getting

away with life.


Like bank robbers running from an empty bank,

Gold coins spilling from

Dollar-sign marked bags,


With a fast car waiting.

So too we race away from the void

With experiences

In our minds


to death


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Letting The Bird Out


Willing at the start

We believed we were ready

But the insecurities came flooding in


Like a bird let out of it's cage

Flying high, soaring low

Damage was being done and I didn't know


Feelings were felt

Confused and without direction

Unrewarding activities occurred


Awkward the days became

Further pushed away

All intuition was lost at sea


When it was new

It was exciting

But there wasn't worth to be found


Freedom was dangerous

When abused,

You could lose all


The unexplored will remain a mystery

Acceptance of that is the key

Seedling Time

Nature / Folder 1

Sunflower seeds under fresh, soft earth,
I'm planting you now, and I'm loving your worth,
Beautiful faces of yellow and brown,
Stretch to the sun, reach those roots in the ground.
Nature is kindness, wish people were too,
I love growing my sunflower garden, do you?



© 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sunflowers every year... Love them.

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It's Slippery Too

 A message so short contains prayers like a restive night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Aurora

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Love, A Risk Worth Taking

Is love really a risk worth taking,
When many who show love are only faking?

And what happens when love leaves you?
That’s when you believe that no love is ever true

Till you find a heart,
That makes yours jump with a start.

And that heart makes yours feel,
then your heart takes off its veil

For it was hiding from pain
That it tried to avoid again and again

But this love, your heart could not resist,
It was a love your heart had missed

And this love between these hearts is true
It is the type of love that will never abandon you

And, then you begin to realize
Although it may take many tries

That love is a risk worth taking,
for you might find that one heart that is not faking.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

enjoy ya'll

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Worth fighting for

It only took one night
To steal my heart
To make me feel
Like never before
Things i thought
have died a long time ago
Could it be luck or fate that made me walk over
To see you sittin there on that doorstep
call me crazy
only for you
but It only took one night
To make me know
Iv found somthing Worth Fighting For

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