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It's All The Same

To clarify... I don't scream into the microphone.


I scream into your soul... THROUGH the microphone!

banish all those demons lurking enjoy it all

goals & ambitions test the same

now we watch as the pattern takes an image

There are two kinds of dreams. 

There are dreams that we have while asleep and dreams that we have while we are awake. 

What is the connection between the two types? Both kinds of dreams are about the yearnings that are held deep inside us.

 Some of these desires are so secret that we dare not share them even with our closest friends. 

Those of us that dare to put our dreams down on paper are showing the courage and faith that they will come true.

We pray to someone but when it's all  said & done...

It's really all the same with just a different name.


Monet's Last Whisper

Monet's Last Whisper


Shattered through the water lillies

faithful light

consummed in flight

here is the aura by which was lost

raindrops..re climatic hero

dust the window

fresh start as the wind blow

shattered glass

a ball on the grass;

poison sirene drops of the puzzle will shine...


put your poem into the room

follow the path in their uncertain doom

room for more rivers torn burn

Monet, why do you need to begin again ?


a distant shell reveals the code

all nature records to be brush the sky

to airbush the distant ground of what was waiting for

the crest heal in a way of hiding


to capture a dear whisper in halowed discovery

Safe beyond the hidden bruise

Safe beyond the hidden bruise


chase back a hidden breeze

fall down to your knees

spreading the disease

take your sport at ease

share with others at you please

companion...salvation..do it to your turn

love in shelter way to soon

piercing the direct link

Nice Trial

 Hundred years ago society classes were all about caricature. As well as wealth. Say that you have a very long finger nail. That would be a sign that says you are not putting your hands in a stressed out situation. And you can show off how long you have been in that position of comfort


Or they just picked a big whopping bugger and they have to share with everyone else. Been saving that one for the past week and I picked a winner. Is that guy done turning my chicken for dinner. See they didn't have a mechanical rotisserie. They had someone to stand there for hours and slowly turn under low heat. We came long way from hundred years ago.


I say drop a mouse into a poem
and watch him probe his way out,

or walk inside the poem's room
and feel the walls for a light switch.


Dying In Your Arms

Dying In Your Arms

dying in your arms
is like living
without the worries
of the world...
love is for certain the question life's best medicine...
Shout from the spray gun...
outside the door a thick caress to be mild
one crazy wild child
the given take with words unleashed

Candidly, I say to thee, I even beseech, life is but a blink, a flash, a snap, a wink, and still we dare to fall asleep and dream. O reverie, lucid and lingering long in spirit. O slap of wind, cold and stinging with the sweetest sound of autumn’s awakened hum.

A Legacy torn Asunder

each of us gives in from a faithful friend,


Watch through the beaten tower


We give in way to soon...


This Newest piece, "The utmost for his highest."




covers all known bases to fuel the fan in


look deeper in the reunion,


sort of like a Flash Gordon experience


throughout the torn message




now sit back and reflect to the newest poetic message by Mario William Vitale...


Fan the flame where here to explain


love sought through fame


Quatum leap through the oven torn peak


begging for pan cakes soon;




Stare out my window to explore...


Flush out the order


fill up to snuggle


prepare yourself for the worst


the more important thing




a take we learned all over again


Pizza torn message that tire out the window


love is scented by each message


Billy Joel made it simple


in his Italian restaurant song




Filter through a bald man within a cage


love is certain...


love that clings to life


love through ancient spite


cloak and dagger shorts left on


the blade on a new tooth bothered


breath in stronger compass to be fond of


blown in the wind




shape through the window some sort of a dream


The delicous cake batter,


complain about the great here after


a seed of common cold


let the truth be told




Within the basement gear


lucky is the man who used to know


we are given one chance at this game toward life


shallow speaks...sprung a leak


enough of a chasen


given thanks for a good between


come this way blocked in the wind


scream at the distant rise


a puzzle in your eyes...




How ever long the journey


captivated by a smile


Bob Barker has his pets spayed or nuetered


Run to the hill !




black eyed peas


a solution to it's make believe


we spend too much time blinded


from the newest glow worm


tresured pure melody


down on its shallow peak


keep your distant from a beep




when your hunting you got game to peak


not having you in my arms is not driving me insane


something open by the cabin unfold...




some are faced with sadness


something tall.


let me feel the pain


down at shallows peak


brace your seat


a place of crisp tart fries


thank God I'm alive


worry thrown in tearful eyes


pardoning the fly's


bring your self far from the lies...




God in his supremacy


come on sit right next to me


the closed torn degree


living in a land of make believe


my head is tired


my heart was stained


love was simple colored & vain


through the river shun each pain




Shallow Peak...


my work right here is costly insane


our mission is provided


look on as your eyes flicker


know from deeper desire


you little piece of shit !




A sworn intention


we missed the hit


shade return down the cliff


love was made a new days scream


certain nursed factor


stretched on it's horn


paralyzed from a gun




out of sheer sadness


you brought us to the cabin


go down through New Britain


a pardon in the midst of things


you look deeper closed off from society


the mighty tenth degree




A place of future seed


lift high the rivers scene


comfort in the trees


fair skin in the common wealth of certain pain


I climbed through the trees


nature wallows through the breeze


building upon my legacy


some have been born out of the make believe




Naked, said I below the bees


my love will even swoon


think a head of the pain


all along the watch tower


eyes that capture the saga to its scene




Smell it in the air


a word of ancient care


beside the current web


sought through a bon fire


ever so will fit together


desiring twice the savor


wallow in the caged breeze


never could do enough


sharpen your pencil with us


we are out in the woods


what are we passionate to do


the legacy with its trail


jumbo timbers like this


in the cold of night


we torn from logic into spite


open sex in spot of an angle


rush throughout each thought


night club, casino & desire


the narrow approach upon its desire




"Every Rose Has A Thorn"...






Center Stage

Center Stage




act your age


fill each heart with the scent of the railing


two peach lit skin fright to borrow within


look to your days gone dim


drawn at the village king


center stage act your age


beautiful delux in the skin so soft


Bite My Wire

Bite My Wire


shackled beneath a skull that bleeds

mouths filled with a junction of staying alive;

shape throughout an intense gathering throughout a thrill

shades of Pine half past it's Willow;

come on baby light my fire,

stand still erase the thrill here after


outside meager intense vibe swell

some have chased after their so called Hell

many years have past having every reason to last