Discourse with Mediator




Ignorant participation of word and thought.


Attentively learning from discourse with mediator.


Not to mention evasive attention.


Instilling the initiative to speak aboout the problem.


Intensly, insulting behavoiur.


Sensible and sensitive enquiries pursued.


The tension rising!!


Your attention engaging and enlightening.


Am I shouting my requests?


Thoughtful gaze of care and concern.


This nobody is not talking nonsense.


Their informative, interaction inclusive of me.


Oh! what a gibberish you are!


To impart what is needed and necessary.


I've no need to appease, shall I leave?


Giving me confidence.





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Frightening thought Respected Madam a.griffiths57

Frightening thought Respected Madam a.griffiths57 . I can fathom why you named the folder "health"...." JLM (Just like Me) Let's leave appeasement to politicians.. You aren't one. BTW just read your profile & am truly sorry for misunderstanding ~Joy & health to you~



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Discourse with Mediator.



Thank you for your understanding bishu, glad you liked the prose.  No I am not a politician although politics interest me. This kind of discourse could sum up a number of different type of interviews, including health.