Worthy of Love


You see that quiet girl
you don't know much about
even though you see her
at least once a month. 


She looks happy,
but she's crying out
behind her smile
as she hold back tears.


You hug her on holidays,
but if you really held her
you would feel
how broken she is.


She's been hollowed out
by the pain of heartbreak;
she's built walls
against the sting of rejection.


She's looking for someone
that asks how she is
and truly means it.


She wants to know
she's not just here
taking up space.


She has such little faith
in her own abilities;
she questions every decision.


She doesn't need
you to fix her;
just to tell her
that she's worthy of love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "More Than a Love Song" by Fireflight

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