Why do I write in coffee shops again?



Today is one of those days where my latte has spilled all over the place twice, my thumb is burnt, my black bean cake is kinda soggy, my hair has decided to play guess the humidex and my spirit just doesn’t give a fuck that my favourite barista isn’t working, so don’t fuck with me ‘Welcome to Queen Street Commons’ home page…LOAD! And give me the bloody internet! Or I swear the piano gets it before dude gets a chance to play the one Beatles song he knows and sings off key!

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couple weeks old, it was not a good day.....

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Off Key

The only way to sing Beatle tunes...oh my, pain in a favorite watering hole. Got it! - Where oh where are you? - I liked the spaces you described here - the action, the attitude ~Allets~



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lol the anger....

I think i is only fair that I now give you the normal day at this coffee shop. 


I wake full of energy, shower and have nice hair. A guy named erick is always working, he makes little hearts on my latte and that makes me smile, I spill it on the way to my fav table at the back, but it just gets caught by the plate.  My table is at the very back so  can see everyone who comes in and just soak up the life around me, people watch, write, be recluse. The paino is right to the right of my table but infront of it, so  also get to hear it best when someone is using it. There is the guy who comes in everyday and plays like one song on it but it is so beautiful, he is amazing with a piano. Then there is a break for a maybe an hour which is filled by my music and writing. Dude comes in and plays his well played beatles song, singing off key but often with more enjoyment and passion than I ever expect. He tends to leave and I grab lunch. At lunch a local artist comes in and does a mini concert. And I spend the afternoon writing and bumping into people I know having impromptu conversations and coffees. 


so clearly that day was off! 



Much Love