Do They Not Know?

Probing Questions

Do They Not Know?


Do the well to do people know, The Lord above loves them so?

Or is the Eternal Judge and Lord, by their majority, just ignored?

Do they even think over friend, about God concerning their end?

Do they not know, without Christ, they will never see eternal life?


Prosperity for many is their god, many agree with a positive nod,

For in a world tainted by sin, many ignore God, serving mammon,

It is hard to get into Heaven, serving mammon, twenty four seven,

Having eyes that cannot see, they never look to things of Eternity.


The Lord above died for all, the rich and poor the great and small,

The Gift of God for eternal life, but all must come to Jesus Christ,

Rich or poor, in plenty or need, The Lord’s Truth we all must heed,

Regarding afterlife and Salvation, all must heed God’s Revelation.


With His love there’s no exemption, wanting all to see redemption,

Sending as His Gift, Jesus Christ, for all men, in this temporal life,

Sent by God, man’s Eternal Creator, this, to be everyone’s Savior,

Sent to the cross on Mount Calvary, so that all could live eternally.


Whether rich or poor my friend, are you ready come this life’s end?

Are you ready at the end of life, to meet your Creator Jesus Christ?

Or content with life, down here, without true wisdom or Godly fear?

Fear, that brings Godly wisdom, to accept Christ and His Kingdom.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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