(If a field of flowers is all the world knows

We may never realize the beauty of that single rose...)


Deborah and I, I must attest

With 4 wonderful grandchildren we have been blessed.


And it occurred to us some years ago

Although the 4 together set our world aglow


To enjoy each ones uniqueness, we both agree

We had to see them separately.


(If a forest is all our eyes do see

We may never know the beauty of that single tree.)


So once a year we take a grandchild away

To celebrate what we call their birthday day.


It’s a day without family or sibling tension

Where they can receive our full attention.


The plan is simple yet erudite

We pick one up and they spend the night.


We go out to dinner (that’s after much musing)

At a restaurant of the grandchild’s choosing.


(If only in the harmony of a choir we rejoice

We may never know the beauty of that single voice.)


And next day no matter what the weather

The 3 of us spend that day together.


Last night it was Ava’s turn, and looking back I daresay

We had just as much fun as she on her birthday day


In looking back over the years and the all the birthday days we’ve spent

It never seemed to matter what we did or where we went.


It appears when you spend time together no matter the milepost

What you do is secondary...It’s the time that matters most.


So with Ava sleeping soundly as now my whole world slows


I smile as I enjoy the beauty of that single rose...

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