far away

and now we might be apart

and somehow you are so far

but still you are,

found there in my heart


it makes me afraid

that i might not see you again..

it makes me scared

to know that you're no longer there.


destiny and fate....

decide the path of love and hate

and once we fall in love,

destiny decides it's too late.

something must happen and stumble our way..

something must happen to take you away.


 not sure if i'm bad luck

or i sound lame...

whenever i take a step forward..

i hesitate and fail !!


i just fell for you..

and i have no clue

for you to assume

except,my love is due


i don't know why?

you're not meant to be with me forever !!

after all the time we spent togethor!!!!

now that you are away from my sight..

 i still promise to walk for you in miles

just to come and say hi!


that feeling i get when i talk to you..

is the best ever and the most amusing too..

it makes me happy and even happier when i get to see you!!


you asked to see me ...and i promise i will let you

you complained me and said " i like you"

but what did you mean by that?

it was such a confuse!!

do you like me?! i swear i do too..

if only it could be real..that you do..

i would scream out loud and say I DO ! 

i will wait again ..as am always used to.

maybe somehing new will turn out 

and maybe that dream would come true..

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