You Came In Pieces

I woke up feeling whole

the last unsteady part of myself shifted


I dreamt about you, in pieces

Each time you came, it was with a different face

But they were all you


This faceless, beautiful Floridian

Etched so smoothly and definitively

Into my dreams


The distance it seemed melted away, a collision of thoughts

Melding our consciousness

Like two drifting clouds


So much interlaced that I can’t tell

Where you start and I end

Only this wholesome heaviness


Blanketing my heart in a gentle embrace

That both strikes and soothes me


Now as the early morning haze drawls on

This place between sleep and cognizance

I feel you


The warmth trapped in the folds of my sheets

your breath

The autumn chill, unfurling softly a light blue

Your eyes


Not wanting to leave this place, but rather drink you all in

Filling myself up to the brink of absolution

Drunk off your essence


Leaving nothing but this selfish need

Of wanton warmth mixed with the repose of your soul

Forever filling my voracious love








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PJS's picture

You Came in Pieces

I'm new to poetry and all the meanings they convey.  His words touched me in a way that no others could since I am the Floridian of which he speaks of.  His conitnued writing will only get better, a talent that he is well equipped for.  He blesses me with his words like no one else ever could.  A pensivestranger, maybe,  but not to me.



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I have read all of your poetry to date.

They are all well worth reading, though I speak from limited exposure, I hope there are more from the fountain. I am sure anything you write will be worth the investment. This one, "You Came in Pieces", is the most intriguing I have encountered, the one I found as the most thought provoking and alluring.



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot