I don’t know what to do with this painting



I cried again today

Only four or five tears which died by the time they reached my lashes

But tears none-the-less

And it wasn’t the onions

Or the steam from the shower

Or me needing to let you go

It was hailstorm

Beating down from my iPod to my heart

Pellets the size of peas

Small enough to simply brush them off

Big enough to bruise

Roughly the same size of the part of me that is still not over you

The part that didn’t want you to be right again

The part that resonates with their lyrics

The part that’s always storming inside me

Deep down just beneath the surface

 Crying for you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

the right combination of cleaning my apartment and iPod evil is to thank for this poem



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This poem just rips my heart out. I've read it over several days trying to get a grip on it, and I think the thing that gives it such power is not only the words, which cut deeply, but the title. It can be a relationship poem, but that title allows it transcend that, and that is where its power lies, at least for me. ;-)

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Yea  figured it would, you have a thing for the "I cried....today" poems ;) 


Several days though! wow! I don't know what to say to that my love other than *blush*


After reading this comment and then reading the poem again I agree, I think this one can apply to many things not just lost love, I think it also came from a space of many things compacted to one feeling caked on lost love, unlike the other poems which were mostly lost love.


thanks for your amazing words and awesome insights



Much Love


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Lost Lover Song

"...the part that resonates with their lyrics." - what a fine line this is. It speaks volumes to me, Wab. From the soul, m'thinks ~allets~ 



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I do my best to just be me in my poetry ;)


Funny how that line was the line I was eh about, mostly cause I think i was mad at how true that line was ;P

Much Love