The Monster I Was


I have a vengeful mind,

most people think I'm kind,

but they are wrong,

and it won't be long,

till the monster I am, they find.


I begin to let myself show,

and I see people's fear grow,

they're petrified,

they're terrified,

and they want my blood to flow.


At this point, I'm being hunt down,

I've been chased all through the town,

now I'm trapped,

going to be capped,

 but can't help to grin like a clown.


And so, I die without a sound,

I fall to the ground,

a cheer they share,

and no one cares,

'cause the monster I was, they found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post right away, I kind of forgot. But to make up for it, I'm posting three poems today, one for the past three days I have missed! More are on the way! And as always, criticism of any kind is appreciated.

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