Penny Panhandler

i'm carrying this penny I found on the ground 

around in my pocket because it's bound

to give me luck, or at least some hope

that if I run into a problem, I'll be able to cope

cause lately I've been feeling down

it's just the same old people in this same little town

I need to runaway, or at least have some change

and a penny's a good start to my panhandling stage.

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Stay Put

It's rough out here. No jobs of any worth except in pennies available. Notice how statiticians seldom say what kind of jobs are coming back. As a panhandler, a will work for food sign stage, you could earn about two hundred dollars a day. Sounds like a plan. I'm from a small town in Michigan and lived in Detroit forever, then moved back to a small town. I found that the people were good and bad, warm and cold. Good luck, but wait a while, it will get "better" economically eventually. ~allets~ 





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In reply to Allets

You must understand exactly what I'm talking about; I'm also from a small town in Michigan! But thank you for the advice, I've slowly but surely been learning to love the "Mitten State" more and more as I've grown older. Smile