Lake Front

Vintage Words


Canada geese migrate here

and will not give right of way

or forget to fertilize the sidewalk.

Atrociosities are their bellows

their warnings not to come close.

But eyes wander there and reap

their sleek brown and black coats

their paint brush beaks. It is only

the ears that retreat. Ducks

waddle, but these geese glide.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks darkpool for the correct name of the geese - A

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Ha! I just spent two weeks

Ha! I just spent two weeks with people of the American persuasion on a European tour, and so many complained about "Canadian geese." They're not "Canadian geese," they're "Canada geese," and they are found everywhere, even in Europe. So, as a Canadian myself, I feel dutybound to point out this unfortunate misnomer. Just thought I'd let you know, and I will continue to peruse your portfolio.


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Canada geese

I have never been so honored to be corrected - I will let my grandson know and we will appropriately use the correct nomenclature afuture :D - Lady A

Lady A