Gentle on my mind

i lye down every night

wishing i could hold you tight

as your beauty echoes softly

through my mind as my heart

you gently entwine



I feel your presence by my side

as you gently caress my mind

as we make love i feel your soft skin

as it touches mine



It was almost like a song

the orchestra gently playing

as we danced along



Then i awake with tears in my eyes

i roll over to hold you and i realize it was just a

dream as you lay gently on my mind...



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Happy Haloween

You are an accomplished and recognized writer Sir.On this side of the pond I'm trying to weave some words on my own.I read this post & it held my attention for long.The yearning for a loved one is so very clear from your artistic dispaly of words.Loneliness is indeed a curse Sir.I particularly liked the usage "caressing the mind" I'm a headless horseman seeking words to paste.