Masters of the universe

Masters of the universe

Dominate like a curse

Flames behind a smile

Smite the spirit and break the vile

Steal your soul

And drown your heart

Take it in whole

Tear the universe apart

As darkness swallows the light

The highway to heaven in the night

Shuttles to the moon

Evacuate the earth

Cosmic energy reflecting spirit in a spoon

Galactic rebirth

Fire and chaos

Command the lost

Travel through space and the path between

Inner realm lost within a dream

Acid rain data cells

Dual channel bells

Cybernetic bubbleville

Floating in the great oil spill

Space stations leak star propultion plans

Orbital wireless fans

Disposable cars

Aliens touch down on mars

The dark side of the moon and a black hole sun

Hope on the ark and make a run

Masters of the universe

The darkness will submerse

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