Say Goodbye

Tell me the story when we use to be lovers

Hidning in the bed room

hiding  under the covers

the scary things in the dark and kept you afraid 

and how you always needed to make some lemonade


like the time

i just didn't know

what to do with you

so i just fell down the stairs

and you came over

you came over

and you picked me back up

like you didn;t care


But i am wondering what i am doing wrong now

and this is how it's gonna be

We fight society

We brougt everything that we can dream

we find this world so at ease

and we just can't get bye


When we turn around and the clock keeps ticking

turn around and quit your bitching

i'm allright and that is just the way it is


Now tomorrow is just another day caught up inside you just need these words

to just you just need to get away

complications confrentations day this like you tired

don't you understand your falling down

it's just the way to life


Far away from broken doors

stand aside this burnt up world

hear those words like you don't care

standing up in an easy chair


burning down my place i rent

proving  down my ignorance

i burned myself and i don't know why

I just wanna say goodbye


I just wanna say goodbye!!

I just wanna say goodbye!!

I just wanna say goodbye!!

Say goodbye!!!



I just wanna say goodbye no matter how hard you try


i just wanna say goodbye

no matter how much you want to try


Say goodbye 

I just wanna say goodbye!!

I just wanna say goodbye!!

say goodbye!!

Say goodbye

Say goodbye!!

 just wanna

I just wanna 

I just wanna

I just wanna say GOODBYE!!!

I just wanna say GOODBYE

I just wanna Say

I just wanna say goodbye




say goodbye!!!!!



















Author's Notes/Comments: 

A few gone bad Say Goodbye..New song

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