This I Must Estimate

This I Must Estimate  by Paradox


The most valuable thing any human posses

The most precious thing every human has all over the world

And should have more of, or not, I don’t know,

It’s a gift and a curse

It’s the eternal friend and sometimes enemy

It’s the long wait, it’s the, it went by to fast

It’s not your momma or a good piece you had

It’s not the love you have or the love you lost

It’s not that lesson learned

Or that invest you sought, and hopefully into it you bought

It’s God given To the rich and the poor

To the overzealous church go’er , and the trick turning whore

To all the young, to all the old

The most valuable thing to any human on this whole entire globe

Yeah you know what it is


Within the essence of your being

It was here from the start, it will be here when you are gone

It will be here when the sun sucks earth and this system implodes into

What some believe and call a black hole

That’s right you know what it is

The most precious thing to man

It’s not the spark from the flame

It’s not sliced bread or the wheel

It’s the most precious thing

That to often its killed

By the multitudes for there are billions of we, man kind

We murder it daily, readily with ease

And many without reason

It’s the most precious thing of any season


That’s right you know what it is

So there’s no need to say

Use it to your advantage in work and play

Plan well, plan to excel

Make a plan, and work that plan well

Its up to you what you do, your fate is your own

Know the importance, the value,

the worth Of this most precious thing, you posses

and you posses until you are gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you know what the most precious thing man has, that is not a physical possesion?  UUUUUUUUUUGH??? IT's in the title.  The title is a mini riddle..

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