We Are One (And We Are Strong)

We are one
We are survivors
Who refused to
Fall and stay down
We are the peace seekers
Who won't give up
Until the peace
We seek for the
World is found
We are the rebels
Who dare to
Take a stand
In the interest
Of our fellow man
And say we will not
Put up with the
Madness anymore
We are the people
Surrounded by hate
And insanity
And will put up
With it no more
We are the dreamers
Who dream of a better world
Than the one forced upon us
By a conformist society
And will not back down
To any one
We are the ones
Who are fed up
With today's bullshit
Yes we are one
And we stand strong
No matter what may come

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The qualities which set you

The qualities which set you apart from the maddening crowds.