The Aftermath 9-11-13


On that horrifying day 12 years ago today...

There were Life's Lesson's to be learned...

 The past's atrocities of what sick people had earned, brought death and destruction and the most awful pain to our land...

Man's in humanity to man...

 One of the most hideous assault ever seen...

 Hate is oh so worthless, mean The most senseless of all deeds, indeed...

 Tolerance, love is the key to eradicate this level of pain at any cost hopefully...

Thus, so that no more lives will be lost for the price of Karma is very high, and there's no more lives to be lost...

The GOD'S kind of love is what we all need; so that we may plant the peace seeds that grow and make better lives for all...

There will not be anymore planes and towers to fall...

There will be peace in the lands for us all...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When will we learn??? We are all in this together??? The energy that you put out is the engery that will return to you... What will the future hold for us all if we do not learn???

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When Will We Learn

US jets swing over Libya, hoping

to hit the president, an illegal act,

internationally frowned upon. UK

troops join the humanitarian forces

anywhere in the former British Empire

to protect trate routes to raw materials

and oil.


Nigeria has oil and war. Syria has

sent citizens fleeing to Europe

and peace and no bomb falling

on the roof.


United Nations Peace Keepers

patrol and do not intervene much

but report on the killing and whether

the bombing hit a museum

or arms cache.


When those who have watched

their skies on fire for decades of war

they did not vote to fight and wives,

children, brothers die blown

to barely recognized ruin, then

those who once courted peace

court clandestine war against

those who their holy text interpretors

say are the cause.


September Eleven Two Thousand and One

was a screeching wake-up peal that left us

with Homeland over all of us and money

diverted to more war on innocence over there

and less infrastructure construction and jobs

over here.


War, any kind of conflict, has casualties

and the U.S. on September Eleven reminded

us of Pearl and Hiroshima. Tons of bombs

dropped when there was nothing else

to destroy. The world did not forget.

History has a long memory.


Lady A