Daddy Paradox Dimension

Daddy Paradox Dimension by Paradox

I am the troubadour of the milky way

I am an earthly prophet from another planet

On this rock dirt clay

I am here to perform a massive surgery

On all closed third eyes

In hopes that they may see

I am Paradox, And you,

are a part of me

I have been tasked

along with others

To try and set you free

I am not all evil, negative

I am not all good, positive

I am totally balanced, neutrons

With universal laws

For that is all there is

Let that be understood

Let that stand over, whatever you think you comprehend

I am Paradox

Unfiltered onyx klu-kos

Shinning outward

From within

I send the gossip word from my tongue

Formed in my mind, by the one

So come, get some

Mental energy, lucent flame

Knowledge, wisdom, baby

Your daddy’s talking

So pay attention

I am Paradox

Duality existing, inside a symmetric dimension

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