The Fortune of Helena

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”


The disembarking of love is at once sudden and detached

Rolls of waves, beat against the hastily wrought hull

Fashioned out of empty words


You clung to me and I clung to you

Terror awash in your eyes


Bridled with the lazy roll of your voice

The pronounced hesitance that later

Followed suit


I do not blame you, for what are words

That do not stand behind their depth


I felt your hold slacken before I lost your warmth

The guise of dither heavyset in your pupils


Set among the crippling waves, I sailed

On and on, while you stepped ashore

Forward cast, never looking back


Not even once


I was lost for awhile, brought back

Only by the crash of the current

Beating mercilessly against the rocks on the strand


Fair Cupid, hasty in his judgement

shot beyond his mark, laying siege to only one


Blindness only yielding blindness


Never again would I let my mind be washed

In the ever elusive idea of beguilement


Never again would I drown

In the propriety of being adrift

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Dear Drowned & Adrift

A fluid motif - encore ~~ Lady A ~~