Cornered With No Way Out


Chased by strangers

Chased by friends

no where else to run

      Far off shelter

      Far off trees

      no where else to run

            People shouting

            People taunting

            no where else to run

                  Lock the doors

                  Lock the windows

                  no where else to run

                        one bullet

                        one trigger

                        no where else to run

                              Loud roar

                              Loud "bang"

                              no where el...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And the final piece of work to be posted in this cath-up-post-extravaganza! Hope you all enjoyed and I promise there will be a regular stream from now on, or I'll notify you if there will be a bit of a pause. As always, criticism of any kind is welcome and appreciated.

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Criticism Welcome

More was promised. Encore!