Two Minute Poet

Vintage Words


Knew she was gonna be brilliant

no matter where she wrote

it down. No matter who heard

her songs, they would be as great

and lasting and wealth producing as

any poet who ever won a literary



It was his first poem ever posted on

line  yet there was magic in his fingers

when he pecked out a verse, 

glorifying his brain and his acquisition

of artcrafting and word written 

in a minimum of thousands of lines.


They are new to the scene and have

not read more than rhymes,  songs rapped,

lyrics of the the novice filling their synapes

and their gray matter with a wealth of optimism

and egocentrism, with altruism's opposite,

with uncontested disingenuousness, with an

insight faculty equal to none.


Still, there is room for accidentally

discovered art. We started with a first word.

It took years to get better at the smithery

of language except for those who began

perfect and assumed leadership above ten

to fifty year writers out of natural genious.







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Post mortem of literature on an operating table ?

Post mortem of literature on an operating table ? Non-expressors will never understand Respected Madam.An expression gifts free a creation to all. To appreciate or not is the receivers choice.You are an accomplished expressor Respected Mm Allets.



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Rowling To Do Potter offshoot script

I read all the books and the last three showed considerable editing, she writes for children excellently well, I had to plow through them wincing a bit. A script? She creates characters well, someone else will have to put meat on the bones (lines that push the action forward, better fx, fewer closeups etc).  A team of producers should give us a pretty descent film - if the writer and editor talent is purchased and uncensored. A new director can't hurt. There is lots of room on the post-mortem slab. - Lady A 

Lady A