Do It Now!

If you want to do something,

Do it now, immediately,

Do not wait for the suitable time,

It will be nothing but idiocy!


With the passage of time,

People’s mentality has changed much,

Planning has become a ‘clichéd’ word,

Like the hackneyed cars as such!


Translate your ideas into reality now,


You shall be prized; people will say ‘wow’!

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Live In The Now….


The magic mantra of happiness..

Is actually unconditional love and forgiveness…


Why do we say- live in the now?

We say live in the now….

For one to experience moments of wow!


When you are 100% in the present moment….

You hold mindfulness for the present moment…


Past has already had a drift…

Future must be propelled with a positive & inspiring lift….

The present is the only priceless gift…


Those who can live in the now…

Can cherish the joy and peaceful blessings hidden in the now…


Awake, Arise and live in the now…

Your Life will be free of fear & resentment…

Thus your heart will be filled with tranquility & contentment…






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Life Is All About Living In The Now!

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no regrets



who cares if there 

are flowers on my corpse 

if I'm dead?

if love is your intent

then bring me

some good memories

and things you learned 

to make your life easier

and more worth living.

wrap it up in a rusted coffee can

from some dark alley where babies lie in dumpsters

and place it somewhere all can see and be comforted

that someone thought about them, and cared

about why their lives ended, and tried to understand

not to punish, but to prevent it.


give me life in my death,

and not sorrow for

what you forgot to do

or not do, to prevent 

yourself from being hurt

on the day I leave here.

funerals are for the ones who are left here,

because the only thing I intend 

to leave you after material possessions

are divied out,

is the same thing since the day 

I first looked in your eyes,

the gratitude for having shared moments together.

we have all been dying since the day we were born,

and if we arrive at our final resting place in peace,

and not at the hands of violence,

then we have been granted more than enough

to say we have been blessed.

I spend my days now thinking what a beautiful soul you are.


5:35 PM 8/4/2013 ©

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Today I really have with me,
The morning sun is bright to see!

All plans for today, I must work well,
I must begin my day with a prayer that I always tell..

I pray that today, I am focused deeply on my goal,
I pray that I do well in every role…..

Life can be best lived, by living for Today
Plan for tomorrow, but live each day!

Today if I bring a smile and happiness along!
My life will join moments of smiles that will turn into melodious song..

If today my goal is to be happy,
The Today and Tomorrow,
Will hold no sorrow……

As I am determined to be happy come what may…………….
I will always carry thoughts that say,
Let there be troubles today, but I see life as a blessing!

Troubles over time have made me so tough and strong,
That a solution to problems comes easily,
As “I believe nothing can go wrong!!”

So live in Today with the fullest you can give!!!
As the beauty of life, is seen in every moment you live!!

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"An approach to Real Living"

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Like a shiny demigod, you stand here before me with unconcerned eyes beaming down into the depths of all I am, but you’re blind and I can’t seem to find the will to help you-- I don’t care to. I’ll let you struggle and always think you know when even I can’t know. There’s a dynamic flow in everything and it’s everywhere, but still from somewhere a selfish, stagnant force fights for dictation, and gets stuck at ideation. We get stuck at identification and separate you from me. We’re isolating and decimating, contemplating and waiting for some external action to save us.
Failing to see the unity, schisms fracture Love and disrupt Peace. Quakes of arrogant desire believe their imagined lies to confine their own lives strict within the cage of fearful ignorance, securing us in sensation and fenced in selective cohesion. Reason is a thing oft in neglect, associated with only the intellect, a mere man, amassing “facts.” Think about your knowledge and realize it’s aged, already stale (naturally technique and recipe remain). We can’t know NOW, and therefore can’t measure it. With no labels, now is new, infinitely unknown… This is now. This is all there is and all I am, but not me. There is no will, therefore no actor. There is no I… There is this moment….and here, accordance with the harmony of reality occurs. “I” don’t love. Here, there is Love, Peace, and Freedom, the lack of all self. Nothing is here, but here is everything.

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Open wide to let the world flow in,

while embracing love,

feeling creation. Allow the creative, and

just this once,

forget memory to receive now.

Observe a sunset
and be a part of it.
Feel an integration with everything around you,

for it is you.

Reality is your existence, but what you perceive
is a mere projection.

Your mind projects
with a cluttered vision of ‘know’ledge.

You know not.

It’s opinions, judgments, justifications, speculations, and masturbations.
Forget what you ‘know’ and cast out memory—

significance equal to reveries,

but taken as seriously as reality.

Reality to all
is unknown and immeasurable.

So instead we thrive

in the known and miserable.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Now is everything

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